We just wrote about the open source Allwinner V851S camera hardware board from YuzukiHD, but he/she made another interesting board with YuzukiLOHCC PRO HDMI to USB 3.2 video capture board based on MacroSilicon MS2130 HDMI to USB chip as well as MS9332 active a one-to-two splitter and an MS8003/MS8005 microcontroller.

YuzukiLOHCC PRO stands for Yuzuki Loop Out HDMI Capture Card PRO and has two HDMI ports, one for input and one for output, as well as a USB Type-C port to connect to the host and capture the video input.

YuzukiLOHCC PRO Key Features and Specifications:

  • Main chip – MacroSilicon/UltraSemi MS2130 USB 3.2 Gen 1 chip for high definition video and audio
  • MCU – MacroSilicon MS8005/MS8003 8051-core MCU
  • Splitter – MacroSilicon MS9332 active one-to-two splitter
  • Video input – HDMI up to 4Kp30 or 1080p60
  • Video Output – HDMI 2.0 YCbCr420 4Kp60 loop out, 10/12/16-bit deep color, adaptive input equalization, pre-programmed HDCP keys, built-in EDID RAM
  • Host interface – USB Type-C USB3.2 Gen 1 interface, UVC 1.0 compliant
  • Capture
    • YUV422 & MJPEG USB video output up to 1080p60
    • Audio recording is supported
HDMI to USB 3.2 capture card
Simplified block diagram

Since the board is UVC compliant, it can work with most operating systems, including Windows XP/7/8/10, Android 5.0 and above, macOS and Linux. Capture can be done with OBS Studio, FFmpeg and other programs.

The board was designed with EasyEDA and you’ll find the hardware design files, MS8003/MS8005 firmware (binary only) and some other documentation, including a list of resolutions and refresh rates supported for USB capture on GitHub. There is additional information about OSHWHub website but only in Chinese. A short video demonstration of the board in action can be found on Twitter.

The board is not sold, so you will have to make it yourself. The hard part might be getting the MS2130 chip as it seems pretty new and hard to source based on comments on Twitter. If you don’t want to make your own board and would rather buy something to use, there should be hope as we’ve seen cheap HDMI to USB 2.0 video capture dongles based on the previous generation MacroSilicon MS2109 chip before, and this is likely it’s only a matter of time before similar MS2130-based devices hit the market. However, it may not have an HDMI output port.

Thanks to TLS for the tip.

$10 HDMI to USB 3.2 video acquisition board is based on MS2130 chip

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