Feature: 10-inch touch screen 4-way adjustable handlebar | Compatible with standard sneakers or SPD shoes with clip

Quite eloquently called Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s-10 provides almost identical riding experience with Peloton Bike, up to the adjustability of magnetic resistance and the availability of professionally conducted classes live and on demand, but at a much lower price, with little cheaper accompanying subscription to the Echelon fitness platform.

Of course, this comes with some slight discounts, the most important being the reduction of the included touch screen from the range of 21 “to only 10”. While this will of course harm immersion when you use it for scenic walks and can make the various professional simulators that owners will interact with a little less present, it comes with savings of nearly $ 300 without compromising anything for the driving experience itself. This makes it ideal for those who are unsure of their commitment to stick to class-based workouts and those who are just as happy with audio feedback as they are on the big screen.

Although not quite up to par with Peloton, Echelon may be the second most famous name in the space, boasting a well-known fitness platform and application that even integrates streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and Samsung). TV +) directly in its interface. This is in addition to cycling, yoga, functional training and other fitness classes available in Connect Bike, the Echelon mobile app and other Echelon branded equipment.


  • Digital resistance control allows precise, repetitive resistance levels
  • The universal pedal system provides both standard sneakers and SPD shoes with a clip
  • The Companion app is $ 5 to $ 10 less per month than Peloton, depending on the time purchased


  • The smaller screen may spoil the immersion for some
  • The official dumbbells and dumbbells needed for many weight-based workouts add $ 200 to the price
  • The weight limit of 300 pounds may exclude some larger riders


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