Whether it’s food, electronics, or fantasy football, I’m incredibly picky. So when deciding which platform I wanted to run my league on, I had to think long and hard. But there are so many great platforms out there that it’s hard to choose between the top four choices.

ESPN’s Fantasy app is the clear choice for the #1 spot due to its popularity, simplistic design, and accurate news from around the NFL. As for the other four featured on this list, it all comes down to preference. Many of my friends like the Yahoo app for its simple design, but they also like the NFL app for the news you get. Of course, you can always have both if you want to run the league on Yahoo, but stay tuned with the NFL app.

I never heard of the last two until last year. Sleeper’s ability to have three types of leagues with many customization options makes it a very intriguing platform for new players. As for Flea Flicker, it is not very popular, but it has a good reputation among the users of the application. But I would only use it for their dynasty leagues.


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