announced onsemi PCIM Europe’s first lead-free MOSFET (TCL) silicon carbide (SiC) package. The transistor meets the rapidly growing need for high-performance switching devices that are suitable for projects with high power density levels. Until recently, SiC devices are supplied in D2PAK 7-pin packages, which require significantly more space.

With dimensions of only 9.90 mm x 11.68 mm, the TOLL package offers 30% savings in the field of printed circuit boards compared to the D2PAK package. And with a profile of only 2.30 mm, it takes up 60% less volume than the D2PAK package.

In addition to its smaller size, the TOLL package offers better thermal performance and lower package inductance (2 nH) than the D2PAK 7-pin. Its Kelvin source configuration provides lower gate noise and reduces switching losses – including a 60% reduction in power-on loss (EON) compared to a device without a Kelvin configuration, providing significant improvements in efficiency and power density for challenging power designs. such as improved EMI and easier PCB design.

SiC devices offer significant advantages over their silicon predecessors, including improved efficiency at high frequencies, lower EMI, higher temperature operation, and greater reliability. onsemi is the only provider of silicon carbide solutions with the possibility of vertical integration, including the growth of SiC boule, substrate, epitaxy, device manufacturing, best-in-class integrated modules and discrete package solutions.

The first SiC MOSFET available in the TOLL package is NTBL045N065SC1 which is designed for demanding applications, including switching power supplies (SMPS), server and telecommunications power supplies, solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and energy storage. The device is suitable for designs that must meet the most challenging performance standards, including ErP and 80 PLUS Titanium.

NTBL045N065SC1 has a VDSS rating of 650 V with a typical RDS (on) of only 33 mΩ and a maximum leakage current (ID) of 73 A. Based on Wide Band SiC (WBG) technology, the device has a maximum operating temperature of 175 ° C and ultra-low door charge (QG (tot) = 105 nC), which significantly reduces switching losses. In addition, the TOLL package is rated and guaranteed with MSL 1 (moisture sensitivity level 1) to ensure that the mass production failure rate is reduced.

In addition, onsemi offers car-class devices with TO-247 3, 4 and D2PAK 7 packages.

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650 V SiC MOSFET is first in TO-LeadLess package

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