When it comes to transporting goods in cities, compact cordless electric trucks are becoming an increasingly popular choice. One of the newest, Able NXT from Tropos Motors, has a flexible modular loading system.

Announced this week, NXT consists of components that are manufactured in EU countries by the German company Sevic Systems and assembled in the United States. Tropos Motors itself is based in California.

The car comes with many batteries and different charging options. Equipped with a 33-kWh lithium battery with maximum capacity, it is reported to have a range of up to 186 miles (299 km) – a full charge takes two to 14 hours.

The NXT is powered by a 20 hp engine that delivers 96 lb ft (130 Nm) of torque. The vehicle has a top speed of 50 mph (80 km / h) and is capable of carrying a payload of up to 1490 lb (676 kg) on ​​paved roads – it can tow up to 606 lb (275 kg). The load is transported via Tropos’ Easy-Swap system, in which various rear bed modules are installed and removed as needed.

These modules include (but are not limited to) the pickup, which is very similar to an open pickup bed; Trades, which includes features such as a rack for timber and fastening straps; plus Cargo, which offers a closed cargo compartment with sealed rear and side doors. It is claimed that one module can be replaced with another within 60 seconds using a forklift and simple hand tools.

Able NXT can be used in a flat configuration

Tropos Motors

Some of the other features of the car include a digital color display on the dashboard; rear view camera; infotainment system with GPS with the ability to connect to a smartphone; plus heating and air conditioning systems.

We have been told that pricing will start in the $ 30,000 range, with deliveries expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year. Potential buyers are advised to book Able NXT through the company’s website.

Source: Tropos Motors


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