The all-electric VW camper is becoming the eco RV that the world requires

All-electric campers are slowly materializing, limited to concept cars and a select few compact vans scattered across Europe. What the world really wanted to see was a Volkswagen Bulli pop-up camper with a comfortable floor plan and clean battery power. VW has one in its plans, but it won’t happen for a few more years. Meanwhile, the German converter Flowcamper intervenes with Frieda Volt. Based on the VW T5 / T6, the new van replaces its internal combustion engine with a fully electric drive and gets a flexible, modular interior that has five seats and up to four seats. And, yes, there is even a toilet.

Flowcamper has partnered with German power conversion specialist Naext Automotive GmbH to create the exact type of camper van that the RV world has longed for since electric cars began to become more popular. Not only is the Frieda Volt bigger than the small vans that have dominated several electric campers so far, but it is the world-famous Volkswagen Bulli and comes with the toilet that the official Volkswagen California lacks.

Frieda Volt begins her journey as a used T5 or T6 van, and Flowcamper prefers those with damaged engines. That way, you don’t even have to feel bad about giving up old fuel-emitting emissions when working with Naext to change the electric drive. Flowcamper points out that this action plan essentially doubles the environmental performance of the Volt, giving new life to the old van, while making it a zero-emission EV.

By removing the engine, transmission, muffler and other unnecessary ICE-related parts, Naext frees up space and installs a 72-kWh nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) lithium-ion battery pack at the bottom of the cabin. Buyers can also increase capacity with an additional 18 kWh extra battery in the spare wheel well.

Naext concentrates its electric drive hardware in the empty engine compartment

Flowcamper / Vanufaktur GmbH

Drive power comes from a 110-kW (148-hp) electric motor with 255 Nm (188 lb-ft) of torque. The restomod process also involves replacing worn components, such as brakes or wheel bearings, with new VW parts and reupholstering the front seats.

Flowcamper estimates that changing the ICE electric drive only results in a net gain of 110 pounds (50 kg), which helps the e-bus reach a maximum range of 300 to 320 km (186 and 199 miles). This can be quite weak for a land expedition in Europe and Asia, but it should be practical enough to travel around Germany and neighboring countries without worrying too much about mandatory charging stops. And we already know that it is possible to take longer, more ambitious trips with an electric camper with a little planning, patience and determination.

Flowcamper keeps things sustainable in the camper’s cabin, relying on materials such as oiled wood furniture, cork flooring and apple leather trim. It carries the floor plan of the traditional ICE Frieda, the base model that evolved from the original Flowcamper flower child. This layout includes a tidy kitchen behind the driver’s seat, a folding three-seater rear bench that converts to a 160 x 187 cm (63 x 74 inches) bed and an optional 110 x 110 cm (43 x 73 inches) pop-up roof. . Unlike the standard Frieda, which can hold up to eight seats, the Frieda Volt has a maximum of six seats.

Frieda Volt shares a floor plan with the older Frieda model, including a three-seater folding bench / bed and a bunch of kitchen boxes / cabinets
Frieda Volt shares a floor plan with the older Frieda model, including a three-seater folding bench / bed and a bunch of kitchen boxes / cabinets

Flowcamper / Vanufaktur GmbH

Like other Flowcamper vans, the Frieda Volt has a flexible layout with multifunctional equipment designed to keep up with the unlimited spontaneity of the van’s life. The tall kitchen box directly behind the driver’s seat contains a 21-liter compressor refrigerator and storage below, while the shorter rear box contains a sink with a stainless steel sink, hand sprayer and fresh and waste water containers stored below. A stove with one burner is available as standard, and a second can be optionally added for flexible setting with two burners. Unlike some other electric trucks, pickups and caravans, Flowcamper has not completely extracted gas fuel using a gas stove.

Those who prefer to cook outdoors can install the indoor / outdoor swivel table just outside the sliding door on the passenger’s side. He holds the small stove, and the long hose stretches the sink sprayer through the door, where he can work to fill pots or combine with a folding basin to create a sink. Flowcamper also offers optional rear cargo boxes that double as a rear-door kitchen and a sliding door on the driver’s side, and folding worktops that make a third option for an outdoor kitchen.

Cook outside on the table and mount the sprinkler on top to create a functional outdoor kitchen

Flowcamper / Vanufaktur GmbH

The kitchen sink sprayer also works as an outdoor shower with external installation. Available warehouses for dry separation toilet between the kitchen and the back bench, hidden by a wooden top and a fabric cover.

The Volt electrified camper thus offers all the basic kitchen and bathroom equipment, a flexible indoor / outdoor cooking layout, five seats and up to four beds. Battery powered or not, this is an efficient little camper.

It may not be the choice of travelers who prefer to spend long distances, but Frieda Volt offers a respectful rating for a maximum range of just under 200 miles.

Flowcamper / Vanufaktur GmbH

Flowcamper has not yet added official Volt pricing information to its comprehensive Frieda price list. Reports from German media about RV suggest that the van will start in the range of 60,000 euros (approximately $ 63,350), which would be a big profit for Germans and Europeans looking for a practical electric van at an affordable price. Keep in mind that certain equipment, including a pop-up roof and a toilet, are available as extras in the standard Frieda, so a fully equipped Frieda Volt with four beds with a toilet will certainly be priced higher than the base.

We have contacted Flowcamper to clarify pricing and availability information and will update when we receive a response.

Source: Flowcamper (German)

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