Of course, there are some hoops you need to go through before fully joining this report, but there are signs that Apple’s long-awaited augmented reality headset is pretty close to launch.

A Bloomberg The report by the trusted Mark Gourmet says that the hardware team behind the long-term project recently unveiled the product on board Apple, including CEO Tim Cook.

According to Gourmet, this is a pretty good sign that progress is enough to show it to the company’s top executives. Or “shows that the development of the device has reached an advanced stage,” according to those sources familiar with the matter.

The showcase may suggest that “the product’s debut could potentially come in the next few months,” the report said.

The report says the company’s directors meet four times a year, and the most recent gathering included a demonstration of the long-awaited product, which is almost guaranteed to bring such devices to the public.

Previous reports by Gourmet himself have touted the device as a launch in 2023. This may still be the case, but the report speculates that it may be unveiled at the end of the year.

What Apple’s presentation may suggest is that development challenges – which are said to include overheating and content issues – can be overcome.

The report also says that Apple is accelerating the development of the software that the device will launch. The company is working on an iOS version called rOS, according to recent reports, mainly run by Gurman.

A pre-year preview would be a great way to build anticipation for a product that could reduce some of the burden on the iPhone as Apple’s key product. As early as 2014, Apple visualized the original Apple Watch during a keynote speech on the iPhone before officially releasing it in April next April. Can history repeat itself?

Apple AR headset might be much closer to launch than we thought

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