Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new concept that brings together whey protein and electrolytes, targeting two of the most important goals of sports nutrition.

With a fluid loss of only 2%, which reduces athletic performance by about 10%1, and awareness of the importance of electrolyte replenishment is growing, rehydration is fundamental to sports nutrition. Science also demonstrates the importance of recovery, with protein intake between sessions leading to optimal muscle recovery.2

Active consumers are highly focused on rehydration and recovery, with 43% looking for added protein in exercise-related products and 28% favoring those with electrolytes.3

Arla Foods Ingredients’ new ‘Rehydrate and Restore’ concept demonstrates how brands can meet both needs without sacrificing taste. The clear refreshing RTD drink solution features Lacprodan SP-9213, a whey protein isolate that retains its functionality when combined with electrolytes.

Packing 25g of whey protein in a convenient 500ml bottle, it allows for package claims such as high protein content4, as well as “contains electrolytes”, low sugar and low lactose. With a light refreshing taste, it is optimized for a range of different tastes.​

Matthias Toft Wangsoe, sales development manager, healthy and efficient nutrition, c Arla Foods Ingredients said high protein and hydration are two of the most important drivers in sports nutrition right now – as evidenced by the popularity of functional waters.

“This inspiring new concept shows how brands can help consumers both rehydrate and recover with drinks that contain both electrolytes and high-quality protein. It’s a combination that many of our customers have been asking us for, and we’re happy to help them meet two of the biggest needs in sports nutrition,” said Toft Wangsoe.

“Rehydrate and Restore” will be shown at SupplySide West (2n.d and 3rd November in Las Vegas). Arla Foods Ingredients will also demonstrate two other concepts at its booth (#5853):

  • ‘Protein in every layer’: An indulgent all-round protein bar featuring premium whey and milk protein ingredients from the company’s Lacprodan range
  • “Whey is more powerful”: Demonstration of the sports nutrition applications of Lacprodan BLG-100 – a pure beta-lactoglobulin that contains 45% more leucine than commercially available whey protein isolates.

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2Kato, H., et al. (2016). Protein requirements are increased in endurance athletes after exercise as determined by the indicator amino acid oxidation method. PLUS ONEPublic Library of Science. 11.

3 HealthFocus® International, Global Trend Survey, 2020

4 EU Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 and 21 CFR Part 101

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Arla Foods Ingredients concept targets rehydration and restoration

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