The best free wallpaper apps for Android – give your smartphone a fresh new look

Tired of seeing the same old and generic wallpaper on your smartphone? Want to freshen up your phone? You would like to install one of the best free wallpaper apps for Android. But finding the right one can be difficult. Do you want to know why?

The Google Play Store is full of wallpaper apps for Android. While most of them may seem worthwhile, some may come with hidden paywalls. Some may not even give you the look you’re looking for. But don’t worry; this guide will make things easier for you. It has a narrow list of some of the best that you can install for free.

Backdrops – The best all-round wallpaper app for Android

Looking for an app that constantly refreshes your wallpaper options? Look no further than Backdrops! This app has a daily updated catalog. This ensures that you always discover new and exciting wallpapers to personalize your device.

The good part about the wallpaper app is that it has a free version. This version provides access to a huge collection of wallpapers. But you have to deal with the ads. To get rid of them, you need to get the Pro version. The Pro version also brings some outstanding wallpapers. But you don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to. The free version already has many eye-catching options.

However, Backdrops goes beyond visual effects. The wallpaper app for Android offers details like resolution, file size and number of downloads for each image. All this makes it easy to choose the right wallpaper for your phone. But what I like most about the app is that it doesn’t make you get a paid subscription.

Download link: Backgrounds on Google Play

Abstruct – The best abstract wallpaper app for Android


Do you like abstract wallpapers more than others? In that case, Abstruct is the best wallpaper app for you! This app has a collection of stunning wallpapers. All are designed by the famous digital artist named Hampus Olsson. If that name sounds familiar, it’s the same artist behind OnePlus stock wallpapers.

Regardless, the wallpaper app offers a lot of options. They all have their own category which makes browsing easy. You can meet OnePlus wallpapers along with Olsson’s other creations. Of course, there are some that are exclusive to the Pro version. But, again, you don’t need to go for Pro as the free option already has more than enough.

Download link: Abstruct on Google Play

Amoledpix – The best wallpaper app for AMOLED Android phones

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Owning an Android phone with a stunning AMOLED display? Amoledpix is ​​here to enhance your visual experience! This wallpaper app specializes in wallpapers specially designed to complement AMOLED technology.

The app has many deep black wallpapers. All this will allow you to enjoy the advantages of an AMOLED screen: better battery life while enjoying a fascinating visual experience. There are also categories for each type. This includes anime, architecture and more, each full of options to suit your style.

Want to refresh the look of your Android phone every now and then? You can use the app’s automatic wallpaper changer. Alternatively, you can use the double-tap feature to switch between different options. Like the others, Amoledpix has a free and a Pro version. But free is more than enough for most.

Download link: Amoledpix on Google Play

STOKiE – The best Android wallpaper app for standard phone wallpapers

Looking for the iconic wallpapers adorning other devices? STOKiE is your one stop shop! This unique app contains an impressive collection of over 10,000 default wallpapers. They are from a wide range of brands that range from Asus to ZTE.

And the best part? STOKiE is completely free! But that doesn’t mean the wallpaper app isn’t good. It features a user-friendly interface and has categories. This allows you to effortlessly navigate through its extensive collection. But wait, there’s more! STOKiE gives you the ability to customize your chosen wallpaper with RGB and blur controls. This feature allows you to add a touch of your unique style.

Download link: STOKiE on Google Play

SwirlWalls – The best interactive live wallpaper app for Android

If you’re looking to add dynamic personalization to your phone, you’ll want to check out SwirWalls. This innovative app goes beyond the realm of static and traditional live wallpapers. It presents mesmerizing interactive spirals to enhance your home screen experience.

The magic behind this wallpaper app lies in its ability to make your phone come alive. You can enjoy an animated swirl on every touch that works for swipes and gestures.

This app seamlessly adapts to your preferences. It has dark mode support and the ability to switch between dark and light themes based on system settings. With this, the app provides a smooth experience. And if you want to have more customization options, you can check out the basic level. It unlocks additional features that will allow you to add more customization elements to your Android smartphone.

Download link: SwirlWalls on Google Play

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Best Free Android Wallpaper Apps – Give Your Smartphone a Fresh New Look

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