When the sun hits your TV or monitor accurately, you can see hundreds of small scratches left over from the last time you cleaned it.

This is because you used paper towels. They are great for collecting spills, but the abrasive surface scratches and damages the panel of monitors, TVs and even phones. Paper towels also leave small pieces of moss. Tap or click here for steps to thoroughly clean your phone.

The screen should be cleaned carefully, especially if you want to keep your TV as long as possible. These three methods protect your screens and keep them cleaner than paper towels.

1. Use microfiber cloths to clean the surface of your screens

Microfiber cleaning towels are antimicrobial and use up to 95% less water and chemicals than paper towels or cotton towels.

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One big problem with traditional cleaning towels and paper towels is that they need to be saturated before they can be useful. This leaves streaks and debris and creates waste.

Microfiber rags collect more dirt and dust than other methods and do not break down with disinfectants or all-purpose cleaners (cotton rags become very ragged after a while).

We prefer 50 packs of AIDEA microfiber cloths. You will quickly find applications for them throughout the house and you will get three colors to mark them for specific purposes.

How to get the most out of your microfiber rags

  • Use them dry to pick up dust, then soak them to clean them.
  • You can use microfiber rags with white distilled vinegar for disinfection and disinfection of surfaces (if you do not mind the smell).
  • Note that some microfiber towels have a fluffy and flat side. The fluffy side is best for collecting dust, while the flat, rubbing side is best for removing sticky dirt.
  • They are easy to rinse, but should also be washed in the washing machine from time to time.
  • Microfiber rags can also be used on car bodies, wooden surfaces and more.

2. Lens cleaner to protect streaks

Cleaning lenses are used for glasses and sunglasses, but can also be used on your TV, phone, tablet or computer monitor. If you wear glasses regularly, you already know how frustrating stripes can be. They blur your vision and irritate you endlessly.

Cleaning lenses can remove streaks on your TV just as well as removing stains from glasses. If you prefer a disposable option that you can quickly apply and throw in the trash, these lens wipes work.

Care Touch has a package with a large capacity of 210 lenses for cleaning lenses, which cost a little over six cents per towel. That’s enough to get through the years of cleaning your TV or monitor without any problems.

Precautions when using lens cleaner

  • Keep wipes at arm’s length to prevent inhalation of vapors from the package.
  • Carefully tear the corner. Occasionally, the solution may collect and spill when you open the package.
  • Keep away from children and pets. If a child wipes his hand on the TV until the solution is dry, clean your hands thoroughly.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight. The solution may dry out and then the whole box is useless. Instead, place them in a cool, dark place.

3. MiracleWipes for large TVs

MiracleWipes is a hybrid product that gives you the best of both worlds. This is specifically designed for large TVs or for anyone who has many screens on their computer.

You get a pack of 30 wipes, and the process is simple: wipe the screen with one of the disposable wipes, then use the included microfiber cleaning cloth to finish the job.

This is similar to using both of our other options at the same time. This leaves zero streaks or spots on your screen. The microfiber cloth dries out the remaining resolution as you wipe it, so there are instant results to let you know if you’ve hit all corners or missed a few places.

How to make sure there are no streaks with these cleaning wipes

  • Cover every corner of your screen and leave no space.
  • Have your microfiber cloth on hand to quickly wipe away debris and particles.
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before using these wipes or cloths (this prevents oil from your hands from getting on the screen).
  • Apply light pressure. The solution is powerful, but it won’t do all the work for you.
  • Turn off the ventilation (fans / air conditioners) that blow directly on the TV screen. Otherwise, it may introduce particles that adhere to the cleaning solution.

Frequently asked questions to clean the screen

What is the safest way to clean a flat screen TV?

Clean your TV with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches. Use a cleaning solution designed specifically for screens or highly diluted dish soap and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Make sure you focus on removing dust, dirt, and any screen debris before aiming for a stripe-free coating.

How to clean a TV screen without spoiling it?

Very carefully. Even with the right rags and cleaners, you can still damage your TV relatively easily. Hold your screen perfectly in place and stand on either side. Extend your arm so that it is in front of the screen and wipe in circles.

Standing directly in front of the TV can cause imperfect pressure during cleaning, so approaching from the side works best. In addition, you can see stripes more easily from this viewing angle.

Can I use glasses cleaner on my TV?

Depends on the type of TV. LCD screens use two thin pieces of glass pressed together, but LED screens are usually made of non-reflective plastic. The glasses cleaner will not work well with the latter.

You can use glasses cleaner on your TV, but based on the amount in most of these cleaners, it’s not worth it. You get more volume of better cleaning solution (for your TVs) when you buy a particular cleaning product.

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Get rid of the paper towels – 3 better ways to clean screens and TVs

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