If you’re shopping for smart lighting, be sure to check out the wide range of Philips Hue offerings. Philips Hue fixtures and fittings continue to set the standard for connected home lighting. Philips offers Hue smart bulbs, lamps and lighting fixtures for an incredible range of purposes in the home. Whether you use light for security, convenience, after-dark navigation indoors and outdoors, design, aesthetics, creative expression or to create mood, there are Philips Hue lighting fixtures for the job. Philips doesn’t offer deals on its products as often as many other smart home device brands, but we’ve found the best Philips Hue deals available today for individual lights and Philips Hue starter kits.

The best deals on Philips Hue

This Philips Hue kit for white and colored LED lighting includes three light bulbs, a Hue Hub and a dimmer switch. Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant.

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The Philips Hue starter kit includes a Hue bridge, a dimmer switch and 3 multi-color lamps with richer colors.

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If you need an extra E14 bulb, this single bulb kit should do the trick. It’s a smart candle bulb that can turn any room into a luxury suite with its ambient light.

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For simple wireless dimming without the other features that Philips Hue kits can offer, this bulb and dimmer kit is a great option that stays light on the budget and the room.

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Light up your home with more than 16 million gradients of color or shades of white. This set includes four LED smart bulbs and a voice assistant-compatible hub.

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Low Voltage Power Supply Home Path Lighting Complete Kit. Illuminate pathways with shades of white or 16 million colors. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit and Samsung Smartthings.

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Start with Philips hue smart lights with 16 million colors. Set the mood or match your home decor. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Deal with $15% off coupon.

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This Philips Hue smart LED strip has 16 million colors and 50,000 shades to choose from, which you can combine to personalize the lighting in your rooms.

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A beginner’s guide to Philips Hue

Philips Hue doesn’t just make smart light bulbs. Philips Hue produces everything you need to create a complete home lighting system in your home.

Hue smart bulb types and sizes

You can buy individual Hue lights in many shapes or styles, including candles, bulbs, spotlights, recessed lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, track lights, strip lights, outdoor lights, and more. Bulbs come in standard screw bulb base sizes. Philips Hue light strips are often used under countertops, behind furniture or plants, or installed in shapes or patterns to set the mood of a room or create lighting designs or scenes.

Hue smart bulb colors

Many Philips Hue lighting fixtures are available in Hue White, Hue White Ambiance and Hue White Color Ambiance bulbs. Philips white lamps are soft, dimmable warm white lights. With Hue White Ambiance bulbs, you can adjust the color temperature from warm white to cool daylight in addition to controlling the brightness of the light with a dimmer. Hue White Color Ambiance lights are dimmable and adjustable from warm white to cool white light, but you can also choose from 16 million colors via the Hue app and Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or with the Hue Bridge.

What is the Philips Hue Starter Kit?

The Philips Hue Starter Kit includes everything you need to install Philips Hue smart lights in your home or office for a specific purpose. There are two benefits to buying a Hue Kit: Convenience and cost savings.

For example, if you’re looking to install your first Philips Hue smart lights, Hue Starter Kits include one to four Hue bulbs and the Hue Bridge for a lower total price than buying the bulbs and Bridge separately. One bridge can control up to 50 Hue lights, so once you’ve installed the starter kit, you can add to your system by purchasing new bulbs separately.

Hue Dimmer Kits include a Hue light bulb and a wireless dimmer switch for less than the total price if purchased separately.

Does Philips Hue require a Smart Bridge?

The original Philips Hue smart lights required a Hue Bridge, also called a hub. In 2019, however, Philips added Bluetooth to many of its bulbs. When you pair a Bluetooth-equipped Philips Hue bulb with your smartphone, you can use the Hue app to control the light without the Hue Bridge. You can control up to 10 Philips Hue bulbs paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

All Philips Hue lights, including bulbs with built-in Bluetooth, work with the Philips Hue Bridge. Using Bridge opens up the full range of features. One Philips Hue bridge controls up to 50 bulbs.

Philips Hue accessories

In addition to Hue lights and starter kits, Philips also makes a selection of lighting accessories.

  • HDMI sync box playback – Sync your Hue lights with your home theater system by connecting up to four HDMI devices.
  • Hue Smart Plug – Plug any light into the Bluetooth-equipped Hue Smart Plug and add it to your existing Hue system to control with voice or the Hue app via Bluetooth.
  • Hue Smart button – Use the single control button to turn lights on or off and control brightness levels.
  • Hue outdoor sensor – Place the battery-powered Hue-Outdoor Sensor outside and its motion detector will turn on the lights via connection to the Hue Bridge.
  • Hue Motion sensor – Use the battery-operated indoor motion detector to trigger your Hue lights when the sensor detects motion.
  • Hue Dimmer Switch – Install the battery-operated Bluetooth and Hue Bridge compatible dimmer switch on any wall or remove it to use as a remote control for your lighting.

Does Philips Hue work with Google Assistant?

Philips Hue lighting works with Google Assistant voice commands. Just say “OK, Google” to control the Hue lights in your home.

Does Philips Hue work with Apple HomeKit and Siri?

Philips Hue lighting works with Siri voice commands and with Apple HomeKit-enabled devices and accessories.

Does Philips Hue work with Amazon Alexa?

With an Amazon Alexa smart device, you can control the Philips Hue lighting systems in your home with Alexa voice commands.

Does Philips Hue work with Microsoft Cortana?

Philips Hue lighting works with Microsoft Cortana, so you can use Cortana voice commands to control your Hue lights.

Does Philips Hue work with IFTTT?

Philips Hue lighting works with If This, Then That, and many other connectivity standards, including the Logitech Harmony remote, Samsung SmartThings, Xfinity Home, Vivint Smart Home, Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer, Razer Chroma gear, and more.

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