One of the best (and scariest) shows Basic video returns for a third season, so it’s time to remember the important details of what it was before. The finale of season 2 of the satirical superhero series The boys it left us with a lot of food for thought, mainly about a certain killer who blows people’s heads off.

Let’s discuss this character, who could have a lot more to do next season, plus all the answers we learned about Vought and his valuable possession: the superhero-creating drug called Compound V.

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Stormfront, influencing social media … and Homelander.


Stormfront is alive but not healthy (and obviously not in season 3)

The main antagonist of season 2 survives the events of the last episode, but according to reports will not appear in season 3.

We learned that Stormfront, who became a member of the superhero team of the Justice League of Seven, is actually Clara Raisinger, born in Berlin, Germany, more than 100 years ago. Thanks to its plasma abilities, regenerative healing factor and longevity, it looks much younger. She was the first successful subject of Compound V to receive an injection from her husband, Frederick Vout, a later Nazi geneticist who created Compound V.

In the finale of season 2, Butcher’s wife Becca stabs Stormfront in the eye. While Stormfront strangles her, Ryan (also known as Becca and Homelander’s son) uses his laser eyes for the first time, amputates Stormfront’s limbs and burns her face (inadvertently killing Becca in the process). Stormfront’s injuries left her dizzy on the ground and muttered in German. Homelander later announced at a news conference that she was in prison. So Stormfront is obviously still alive, but it looks like it won’t be in Season 3.

Compound V is used for more ungodly purposes

As early as season 1, it was revealed that superheroes or Supes are not born on their own. Instead, as babies, they are injected with a drug called Compound V, created in a laboratory by Vought International. Homelander secretly uses this drug to turn terrorists into supervillains – his way of helping Vought as he tries to militarize his Supes.

In Season 2, the boys learn that Vought is now trying to stabilize Compound V so they can inject it into adults. Vought CEO Stan Edgar had plans to sell Compound V, but pressed the pause button when Stormfront’s Nazi past expired.


Starlight is still in the Seven at the end of season 2.


The church of the collective

This extremely strange, fresco-obsessed religious group was introduced in Season 2. Stormfront was once a member of the Collective when they were “clean” and did not allow people of color. Importantly, the Team archives information about its members, including a folder of documents describing Stormfront’s true evil identity.

The team also arranges arranged marriages, finding Deep a wife, although they do not decide what he really wants: to be restored in the Seven. In the last moments of season 2, the leader of the team Alistair Adana was killed, which may mean reduced participation of the group in season 3.

Maeve helps the hand

Queen Maeve has always been at odds over her role in Homelander and Vought and is gradually finding the courage to do the right thing. In addition to helping Starlight several times, in the final episode of Season 2, she triumphantly faces Homelander to save Butcher and Ryan.

This includes blackmailing Homelander with footage of passengers on the plane, forcing Maeve to abandon Season 1. When he tries to save the hijacked plane, Homelander accidentally destroys the control panel. Deciding that the passengers were lost causes, Homelander insisted that Maeve leave with him. When Butcher tries to bring Ryan back from Homelander at the end of Season 2, Maeve forces Homelander to release them, threatening to reveal footage of Homelander abandoning passengers on the plane.

Unfortunately, Maeve’s involvement in what happened at the airline led to the breakup of her friend Elena with her.

Claudia Doomit is talking to someone in the political office with someone behind us.

Victoria Neumann (Claudia Doomit) will no doubt play a big role in Season 3.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Butcher’s new beginning

Despite accidentally killing Beck, Butcher forgives Ryan because Ryan takes Butcher’s side instead of Homelander’s. When Grace Mallory’s men take Ryan away, Butcher finds a potential new goal in his work for the government. Mallory (who once served as deputy director of the CIA and later founded The Boys) informs him that not only is he a free man, but the White House is opening a Supe office run by Congresswoman Victoria Newman, who is sneaking in. by Mallory outside of accounting funding for a team that can track Supes. Butcher does not explicitly say “yes” to the new concert, but the option is there.

The killer revealed

In one of the last moments we find the culprit behind some of the most explosive and shocking deaths in season 2. No one but Congresswoman Victoria Newman uses her secret Supe forces to get rid of CIA agent Susan Raynor, scientist Jonah Vogelbaum, rival of A-Train Shockwave and Alistair Adana, the leader of the Church of the Collective. Why? She loudly opposes Vought and yet blows many people’s heads off during the hearing against them. Maybe her beef with Vought doesn’t involve tearing down the company’s land.

Huey in politics

After getting along properly with Starlight, Huey decides he needs to leave the boys for a while and get back on his feet. He says he wants to fight Vought the “right way,” which means less blood and courage and more paperwork for him. He wants a job at Neumann’s office, and Neumann commits himself after making sure the boys don’t know he’s doing it.

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