Like its competitors over the past few days, Arista Networks spent much of its call to financial analysts this week, detailing the impact of the ongoing supply chain problem and trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

Arista, like rivals Juniper and Extreme, says it is doing well financially – quarterly revenue rose 31.4% to $ 877.1 million from $ 667.5 year-on-year, a record for the company. But supply chain problems are getting worse, the company said.

Arista CEO and President Jaishri Ulal pointed out the lack of last-minute parts (or what she called “component cancellation”) from at least two unnamed suppliers, which has hurt the company recently.

“The cancellation comes literally the same week as we expect the components,” Ulal said during an interview with an analyst on Monday. “They surprise us just when we’re looking to build a product, so we end up with a lot of our contract manufacturing capacity waiting for key components.”

The only way to resolve these decommissions was to pay extra to get the parts, Ulal said. “Sometimes we can get them, sometimes we can’t. So we believe that this very limited environment of components combined with decommit will continue.

“Each part has a different story for each device, and we’ve seen some vendors trying to increase capacity but not having access to equipment or waiting for orders that are also limited by semiconductors. So the challenges are ubiquitous and very device-specific, ”Ulal said.

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