“The 3000G X Series adds eight new standard features plus seven functional integration into one in the same form factor as the Keysight 3000T and 3000A X-Series instruments,” according to the RS components that store the instrument. It performs such functions as interpolations, logical channel rendering, serial bus decoding, and hardware measurements.

An update rate of over one million waveforms per second is claimed. There is a choice between two of the four analog input channels and an option of 16 digital channels that are time-correlated with the analog channels.

The RS lists the eight functions, including waveform and measurement histograms, mask boundary testing, measurement boundary testing, five-protocol activation and decoding, HDTV video analysis, and LAN / VGA connection module.

Frequency response analysis is there to characterize the frequency response of, for example, passive filters, amplifiers and switching power supply feedback networks.

The 20MHz function and random wave generator provide stimulus output to the device under test and support AM, FM and FSK sine wave, square and ramp modulation.

The three-digit digital voltmeter works through the same probes as the oscilloscope channels, but makes measurements independently, then has an eight-digit counter and an adder to measure frequency.

The display is an 8.5-inch touch screen and the dimensions of the units are 381 x 204 x 142 mm.

The RS 3000G X-Series page can be found here

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