Development of training welcomed at home three of his colleagues who had recently returned from Nakuru, Kenya after launching a project to change the lives of communities in remote and poor areas.

The project, in partnership with Derby County Public Trust (DCCT) and African adventures, saw the Develop Training team work with limited resources to develop utility systems that will help improve the lives of Nakuru communities and their children by installing systems that supply clean water and sanitation. The team, consisting of Michelle Clark, Daryl Garavan and Danny Connor, is working with a wider team of 70 volunteers together with the local community to improve and install new toilets.

Some of the schools in the community accept more than 5,000 students with only two toilets; this subsequently exacerbated the problems surrounding young girls who miss school due to a lack of sanitation or adequate toilet systems. Therefore, Develop Training’s long-term plan is to train the community to enable them to maintain and maintain equipment and systems installed independently for decades to come.

Daryl Garavan, Operations Training Manager at Develop Training, says: “The project in Kenya was an eye-opening experience that allowed us to give children who would not initially have access to school the opportunity to get an education. It has been an honor for me to be able to lay the foundations and legacy for affordable education in a community where it will have a huge positive impact. Working with local builders to improve the utility systems in the five schools we visited at times felt like a drop in the ocean. However, we were all extremely proud to see how grateful the community was and how such a small sacrifice for us made such a positive change in their lives. ”

One of the utility companies that joined Develop on this unique project was Northern Gas Networks (NGN). Chris Adair, NGN’s training manager, joined the trip from three of his apprentices, Chris said: “It was an amazing project to take part in, a life-changing, life-affirming and real train of emotions. For NGN to commit to supporting themselves and three apprentices to embark on this project is simply amazing and shows their commitment to a sustainable future for all.

“The impact that this opportunity had on apprentices changed lives and certainly put everything in perspective. I urge every utility company to consider participating in Kenya 2023 – it will be an experience you will never forget! ”

Daryl added: “We are now motivated and committed to ensuring that we leave a lasting legacy, and we therefore call on other utilities to join forces to travel to Kenya in 2023. As rewarding as the journey, resources in Nakuru are not easy. to find and can sometimes be frustrating when you know you can do more. Therefore, we are actively encouraging other utilities to join us on our next trip to Kenya and look forward to seeing what we can achieve with a few more hands on deck and much more awareness of the task.

Develop Training team returns from life-changing venture in Nakuru, Kenya

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