I finished reading it last week Liar’s Poker written by Michael Lewis. The book is partly about his experiences as a bond trader at Salomon Brothers in the 1980s and partly about the expansion of the bond market itself in the 1980s. The parts about how the bond market evolved to compete with the stock market in the minds of traders in the 1980s were the most fascinating parts of the book for me. I was telling a neighbor about the book over the weekend and she mentioned that she didn’t really know the difference between a bond and a stock. I gave her my brief explanation, then turned to YouTube for a better one.

TD Ameritrade’s YouTube channel offers A brief explanation of the difference between stocks and bonds. A much longer explanation is offered this older Khan Academy video.

Applications for education

Both of these videos could be useful textbooks for lessons on the basics of financial markets and lessons on personal finance. With a free EDpuzzle account, you can add multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions to these videos. in this video I provide a full overview of how to use EDpuzzle to create video tutorials using videos you find online.


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