OPINION: FIFA and EA Sports are divided by mutual agreement and the future of football games is as open as the four defenders of Man United. Can it deliver the innovative futuristic game that fans deserve? Not for me, Clive.

The latest whistle is about to hit one of the most profitable partnerships in the history of video games. We do not know enough at the moment to make a final assessment of the winners, losers and where the future of FIFA football games is after EA Sports. But there is reason that gamers may not take advantage.

Let’s first look at the future of the newly crowned EA Sports FC franchise. That name? damn it. You can also call it VAR FC for all the feelings of brand positivity that Electronic Arts evokes among gamers these days.

According to the report, FIFA’s intervention appears to have limited EA Sports’ more lenient excesses. There will be nothing to stop the publisher from really leaning on this commercial side of things now, further ensuring that his EA Sports FC is more like a sportswear brand – with replica kits and all – rather than a video game in which the focus is on providing the best possible gameplay experience for players.

In one of its current sports franchises, does EA Sports really seem to be investing in surprising us with rethinking? Or he has the feeling that the company is going through the traffic because he knows that it has guaranteed millions of sales every year. Ask Madden fans the same question.

Removing the shackles of the FIFA brand will probably not lead to a rebirth of the creative spirit, unless the company is forced to accept some new ideas from some of the talented people in its ranks.

For millions of people, the term “FIFA” has nothing to do with the organization that hosts the World Cup, it is the name of the football game they buy every year. Maybe without a FIFA license, this culture of complacency will have to change? Maybe we will see EA Sports return to the drawing board and revive its outdated football game to secure its audience from a potential coup bearing the official name of FIFA?

Or you can just dive, like Scrooge McDuck, deeper into the Ultimate Team’s money pit.

A new era for FIFA?

I can’t help but think that FIFA has gone too far with its hand here as well. It is reported that the governing body of football wanted to double the $ 150 million it already receives from EA Sports, when EA itself thought it could be better without the FIFA brand at all.

Of course, FIFA will try to sell the license to another publisher. We will still be watching FIFA games. And to be honest, we desperately need a new look at this tired format from someone. But who exactly?

Konami has made the right balls on its legendary Pro Evolution Soccer franchise with the disastrous initial launch of its free remake called eFootball, although improvements are coming.

Is Konami the money EA is reluctant to crack down on a FIFA eFootball license? Probably not. In addition, his whole deal for years during the Pro Evo days was his ability to thrive despite the lack of official licenses that FIFA boasted.

How about Sports Interactive? His wealth of knowledge about teams, clubs and players from around the world is legendary. In fact, it’s so good that real-world teams are buying scout data. But Football Manager is a management simulator. You don’t make the punches, you choose the players who make them. Will the company cope with the challenge? I doubt.

And even if someone gets involved – maybe a new developer with a lot of support and greater ambition – who will actually play the new FIFA?

Who wants to play a football game in which there are only international teams, without licenses for proper club play. As EA Sports has already said, it will miss the World Cup only once every four years. Everything else at EA Sports FC will remain available thanks to a solid range of other licenses and partnerships.

FIFA’s latest whistle

From a personal point of view, as a person who owns the original and still shudders at it, “EA Sports. It’s in the game! ” title screen, I’m not upset FIFA 23 will be the last of its kind, 30 years after the original FIFA International Soccer. The time had come.

In recent years, FIFA has become a household name for some of the game’s most exploitative vices, namely FIFA Ultimate Team’s collectibles and loot boxes, which it has denied are comfortable for children without anyone really trusting them, including the government. United Kingdom.

The games themselves are stagnant, with the annual cover star generating much more noise than the game itself. It always sells for around £ 20 the day after Christmas, and EA is even handing out this year’s FIFA to PS Plus subscribers, sparking suggestions that the game could be made free to play and focus even more on these microtransactions.

In the real world, I’m fed up with FIFA players who think that playing the game religiously somehow gives them the right to comment on real football. Legions of fake experts are being created who live and die according to FIFA ratings. No one is more convinced of their terrible football matches than an avid FIFA gamer.

Do you know the species? Probably has a handle on Twitter like @ GodbaFUT482842. These people really believe that players like Paul Pogba are like that in fact great and go to war on Twitter with real Man United fans who can see him stealing a salary, regardless of his FIFA rankings.

Gamers who have probably never set foot in a football stadium will continue to talk about issues outside of this fantasy world. Maybe the more things change, the more they stay the same?

The FIFA and EA Sports split is complex, but an own goal for everyone

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