IN ECA calls on the industry to fully engage with government initiatives to decarbonize heat, including the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) launched this week.

BUS is offering a grant of up to £ 5,000 for heating installers and households to replace traditional fossil fuel boilers with more efficient, low-carbon alternatives, including air and ground heat pumps.

ECA urges electrical contractors, designers and installers to prepare for the growing demand for heat pumps and the rapid transition to electrification of heat through low-carbon technologies.

Luke Osborne, Energy and Emerging Solutions Advisor at ECA, says: “The electrification of heat is finally gaining momentum. This provides clear opportunities for electrical companies such as ECA members to use their skills to stimulate decarbonisation and help reach net zero.

“BUS grants, together with important consumer protection initiatives, will go a long way in making heat pumps a more affordable option for households trying to reduce their energy and carbon footprint bills.

ECA calls on all electrical designers and installers to familiarize themselves with new sources of information and guidance, such as the new AM17 document from CIBSE and BEIS (for out-of-home heat pumps), in order to enable a faster and cheaper transition to net zero. ”

The ECA urges industry to prepare for heat pumps demand

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