IN ECA welcomes the Queen’s speech, which outlines several new pieces of legislation to provide cleaner energy, safer homes and higher standards of skills and education.

In the Queen’s speech, it was announced that the government would introduce:

  • Energy bill for the supply of cheaper, cleaner and safer energy.
  • Infrastructure Bank of the United Kingdom, to support growth and deliver solutions with zero net worth.
  • Higher Education Bill on the introduction of a lifelong loan right for adults wishing to retrain or improve.
  • Simplified procurement process to provide new opportunities for small businesses.
  • New legislation to improve the regulation of social housing, to strengthen tenants’ rights and to provide better and safer homes.

Andrew Eldred, Director of the ECA’s Labor and Public Affairs Department, said: “Today’s speech showed a commitment to providing a net zero, along with recognizing the vital importance of better technical education and skills.

“We hope to see this promise realized in a tranche of new funding and support for industry-approved training to provide EV charging points, solar panels, heat pumps and battery storage systems that will put the UK at the pole of the zero carbon netting race. “

ECA Director of Legal and Business Affairs Rob Driscoll commented: “In the leadership of the Cabinet’s SME Advisory Group, ECA is working hard with the government to design a post-Brexit environment that allows for simple orders.

“The announcement in today’s speech should lay the groundwork for establishing public procurement procedures in the UK that capture and unlock the potential of SME contractors, as the government seeks to build better.

Mike Smith, ECA’s Technical Director, says: “ECA and our industry partners have worked hard (and sometimes upwards) to improve the safety of people’s homes. As the recent Building Safety Act brings us closer to our goal, today’s announcement should help ensure a more uniform approach to electrical safety in social housing, including high-rise residential buildings such as Grenfell Tower.

“We expect further legislation to emphasize competence as a key factor in making homes safer for residents, and we will monitor developments very closely to ensure that this is the case.”

ECA welcomes Queen’s Speech promises with plans for skills, safety and net zero

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