Above a desk somewhere in Apple’s headquarters, someone probably stuck the slogan “One more week, another lawsuit” and this week doesn’t look any different, as the EU is targeting Apple Pay, or more specifically how Apple restricts the use of the NFC chip inside on the iPhone.

What is the claim?

In the second indictment in Europe this year, EU antitrust regulators say Apple is restricting competitors by denying access to NFC (Near-Field Communications) technology, which it uses in its mobile wallet.

An objection statement was sent to Apple detailing how it abused its dominant position in the iOS mobile wallet markets in violation of Article 102 TFEU.

Apple Pay has access to NFC input APIs that the company does not provide to third party payment companies. However, other platforms allow third parties to have access to NFC technology to make such payments.

IN EU statement says it “does not dispute the online restrictions or alleged denials of access to Apple Pay for specific products of competitors that the Commission said had concerns when it launched an in-depth investigation into Apple’s practices.”

The latter two cases were part of the investigation when it started in 2020supposedly in response to complaints raised by PayPal.

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