DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — The fall season for Red Snapper season begins on October 8th. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the longest federally regulated Red Snapper season for the Sunshine State in April 2022.

The 12-day fall season covers the following dates:

  • October 8-9
  • Oct. 15-16
  • Oct. 22-23
  • November 11-13 (Veterans Day Weekend)
  • November 25-27 (the weekend after Thanksgiving)

Gov. DeSantis and FWC Chairman Rodney Barretto said in April that the decision to extend the season was based on data.

“We also looked at the data,” Barreto said. “And we realized that if we add weekends and kind of break it up so it’s not just a concentrated fishing season, it gives more people an opportunity, especially working people who have to work during the week. And it would give you the opportunity on the weekend to go fishing, so that was the idea behind it all.”

“The angler season is one of the most exciting times to fish in Florida, and I’m excited to announce the longest season since the state took over for anglers,” DeSantis said. “People travel from all over to enjoy the recreational opportunities we have in Florida that can’t be found anywhere else. Florida is proud to continue to provide access and opportunity to all who want to experience the Fishing Capital of the World.”

Destin Council members talked in the spring about how this added season would boost the local economy.

“I think it’s amazing that the governor did the right thing,” said Destin Councilman Jim Bagby. “You know tourism is our No. 1 industry in this city and he just helped us. He helped all these charter captains. He helped the community. It’s helped everybody who lives and works in this town by bringing people in, especially in the fall season when people don’t usually come here as much, and now they’re going to come on Veteran’s Day.”

The addition of fall weeks and weekends creates a smaller off-season for Destin-Fort Walton Beach.

“I think it will boost the economy, especially in the fall,” Bagby said. “You know, now we have some fall vacations that are going to boost those weekends and those periods where people can come and as he said, they put it on the weekends when people who work five days a week, not only from out of state , but also from other parts of this state can go back to Destin and catch red snapper.”

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