iRobot has launched its first foray into the world of combined vacuum and cleaning robots with what it says is the most advanced system of its kind. The newly introduced Roomba Combo j7+ features a retractable mop head that swivels up and to the side, allowing the cleaner to transition seamlessly from hard floors to carpet while keeping things nice and dry.

The new robotic floor machine is the latest in Roomba’s j7 series, which includes a model introduced last year that features a visible-light camera to identify and avoid obstacles. That functionality carries over to the new flagship model, along with OS upgrades that iRobot says will make it “smarter over time.”

The newly introduced Roomba Combo j7+ can both vacuum and clean


But the real difference is the 2-in-1 functionality. We’ve seen other robots tailored for this kind of capability, but iRobot believes its model stands out with the ability to seamlessly switch from floor to carpet and back again. It also fully retracts the mop instead of just lifting it off the floor a bit.

It does this with sensors that detect different types of floors, which includes the ability to sense incoming carpet. This allows the cleaning mechanism to swing up and out of the way, locking neatly into the top surface so Roomba can continue cleaning without wetting the carpet or rug. The company likens this to the way a convertible lifts its roof, and in demo videos it really looks impressively efficient.

Bottom of Roomba Combo j7+ with mop head extended
Bottom of Roomba Combo j7+ with mop head extended


Other features include voice commands and an automated emptying function in the base station, as seen in previous Roomba models. This allows the robot to continue cleaning on its own for up to 60 days. The Roomba Combo j7+ is priced at US$1,099 and is available for pre-sale now, with shipping starting next month.

You can check out the promo video below.

Introducing the new Roomba Combo™ j7+ robot vacuum cleaner and mop.

source: iRobot

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