Optical illusions are like visual magic. They can entertain you, confuse you, and even teach you a little about yourself. If you’re in the mood for a laugh, you’ll love our collection of the 20 funniest optical illusions on the internet.

Maybe you’re in the mood to study rather than laugh. If so, challenge yourself with four optical illusions that will make your brain hurt. These optical illusions will trick your eyes if you’re not careful!

Scroll down for mind-blowing illusions that reveal the magic of perspective. These fun optical illusion photos aren’t what they seem, so get ready to look twice.

1. An unfortunate mistake

Whoever compiled this magazine made a huge mistake. Then again, maybe they did it on purpose to prank their readers. Either way, the mom in this ad looks like she had a post-workout potty accident.

2. Katsila is unhappy

You won’t hear a purr when you place this fire-breathing cat on your lap. It looks like he will roar and spit fire at you. (Or yawn at the perfect photo moment!)

3. Puberty came early for this baby

If you’re anything like me and your legs grew before the rest of your body, you might relate to this baby. I also had a baby face and a huge number of shoes.

Wait – take a closer look and you’ll realize it’s actually a female legs. The woman hides behind a pillow as the baby pops out at a funny angle to take part in the photo shoot. Fortunately, puberty is a long way off!

4. Why the long face?

We all love our dogs. Sometimes they love us too much, shoving their muzzles in our faces. As you can tell, the lady in the back is bothered by her hairy photobomber.

This photo looks like they’ve merged into a strange animal-human hybrid. Someone needs to tell this dog that healthy distance is important.

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5. Who, who is in your coffee?

It takes latte art to a whole new level. Sure, it looks photoshopped — but it’s just a timely photo. Someone put Fruit Loops in their coffee, saw that it looked like an owl, and took this mind-blowing image.

6. Cover your eyes! This woman is naked!

Or is she? Look closely and you’ll see that the woman in the back is hugging her boyfriend from behind. What appears to be a naked body is just the hand of the lady in front.

7. No list of the funniest optical illusions would be complete without something like this

This young man appears to be dressed for his exams. It makes sense: Some psychologists say that what you wear affects your mood and can help you perform better on tests or job interviews. Update your wardrobe with these nine must-haves from Amazon.

Take a closer look and you’ll realize that the legs don’t belong to the smartphone user. A woman sits next to him, but we don’t see her face. The angle of the wall blocks her from view, making it look like this man has her gamut.

8. We monkey around with smartphones

Have you ever been to Monkey World Ape Rescue Center in England? A visitor saw this animal and took out his smartphone to take a picture. But the reflection played a trick. Looks like the monkey is taking a selfie!

9. It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Jet planes leave a white trail in the sky. These are called chemtrails or contrails, depending on who you talk to. All you need to know is that airplanes leave white lines in the sky when they take off at breakneck speed.

This seagull appears to be leaving behind artificial clouds. It actually flies normally. But a plane recently flew over that part of the sky and the white lines in the sky are still there. So it looks like the bird is in charge, but in reality it’s minding its own business.

10. This is a small hat

From the photographer’s angle, this man appears to be wearing a child’s hat. But this man’s head is as bare as a newborn baby’s. The train passes a piece of wall art that depicts a character wearing a small hat. So the hat looks like it’s sitting on that person’s head, even though there’s nothing there.

11. Did someone cut that long dog in half?

Take a deep breath before gasping in horror. There seems to be a gaping hole in the middle of this dog. But it’s actually a dog sitting next to a log.

The dog’s legs are away from the camera and hidden from view, so it looks like the log is the rest of its body. Fortunately, both the dog and the log are in one piece. (Try this for a tongue twister!)

12. Is this loot? This is one of the funniest optical illusions

This conundrum requires a second look. First, you’d think the poor bride had a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction. Then you realize that what looks like an ass is a woman’s hand.

13. This mutant bird belongs in a museum

This bird is no freak with nine legs. Keep your babies warm. You just can’t see the chicks as they are nestled in the large bird’s plumage.

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14. This lady has a beard that would make a lumberjack jealous

No, wait, that’s just her hair. When this lady jumped, her hair went up at the perfect angle. Looks like he has a majestic beard!

15. I can’t blame the photographer for taking this picture

Dogs tend to greet each other by sniffing their behinds. Someone needs to tell this dog he doesn’t smell real shit.

16. This baby with huge hands does one of the funniest optical illusions

It looks like something out of a cartoon! No, it’s just daddy’s hand. It looks so huge because it is close to the camera.

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17. Where is the queue?

These two dogs appear to be Siamese twins. Where are their hind legs? Do the flanks connect them? No, it’s just a weird angle. All is well with these little ones!

18. You can’t deny it. This is one of the funniest optical illusions!

There are places where the head just doesn’t belong.

19. This two-headed dog is one of a kind

There are actually two dogs—none of them two-headed! But their feet are perfectly placed, which makes it confusing. Also, their skins are the same. This means they blend perfectly together at this angle. Squint to make sure they are not the same.

20. Skinny legs

Looks like this little girl walks on sticks. In fact, the bag of popcorn she’s holding has the same texture as the grassy background. This way, it looks like she has super skinny legs – but they’re just obscured by the popcorn bag.

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21. Heads or tails?

This dog has a mane that can rival even the fiercest lion. Wait, no, that’s actually another dog’s tail. The photographer took a picture of one dog’s face but placed the camera near another dog’s tail to create this mind-blowing optical illusion that makes you look twice.

22. What is wrong with this child’s arm?

This young man appears to have two arms of different lengths. One is normal and the other looks like a spider-like monster that bends at an unnatural angle.

Take a closer look. There is a man under the table who puts his hand on the counter for support. It just looks like the blond boy’s hand. Thank goodness!

BONUS: These five men make up the Bald Squad

At least that’s how it seems at first glance. In reality, there is only one bald gentleman. The four other bald men are just the tops of his car seats!

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