The UK-based startup Quantum Power Transformation has announced its qGaNDrive module for motor drives in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. According to the company, qGaNDrive provides the full potential for performance of GaN transistors and can transform the performance of motor drives by reducing losses by up to 80%.

QPT founder Rob Gwyn said: “GaN transistors have always promised the best performance and efficiency compared to silicon MOSFET and silicon carbide, but they are extremely difficult to drive at speed. We have developed a completely new and unique topology for driving GaN transistors, which allows them to switch at speeds up to 20 MHz, providing great advantages in power consumption and efficiency.

The module uses QPT’s qDrive, qSense, qADC and ZEST technologies to create a modular device that makes it easy for OEMs to move to their existing projects. qDrive is an isolated GaN transistor device with high resolution and low oscillation with IP transformer ZEST, providing insulation with very high voltage. qSense provides high-quality AC / DC isolated voltage and current readings, while qADC provides feedback with a low-latency digital control loop. These basic building blocks are integrated into a fully EMC shielded power supply package.

In addition to HVAC systems, the qGaNDrive module can be used in electric vehicles and industrial applications such as robotic arms and elevators. qGaNDrive is offered under a non-disclosure agreement.

Product page of the qGaNDrive module

Quantum force transformation

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