After teasing him In the past few weeks, Google has been releasing a new login page with a slightly cleaner design. The changes are small and don’t affect functionality, but it’s something that users run into a lot, and Google has been using the previous version since they changed their logo, as far as I can see.

The refresh brings the login (and registration) page more in line with the company’s Material Design ethos introduced in 2014. To that end, it’s now left-aligned (instead of centered) and features an orientation that automatically adjusts to your screen size — so it’s wider on computer screens and narrower on smartphones. It is displayed on all types of devices, but may not be displayed on older browsers, the company said.

The biggest previous change Google made to its login page was the introduction of a password on a second page back in 2015. This update was made “in preparation for future authentication solutions that complement passwords” and to reduce confusion among people who have multiple Google Accounts, it said at the time.

Google emphasized that the change will be permanent, much like the move to Gmail’s integrated view. The rollout will be relatively gradual, starting on February 21 and ending by March 4, 2024.