San Francisco: The Google TV app, which summarizes streaming content recommendations and allows users to create a universal watch list for their favorites, is now available for iOS. The technology giant has said it will replace the previous Google Play movie and TV app in the App Store, so if users have already installed it, they should be able to update it to the Google TV experience, according to The Verge. Google accepts hybrid workplace in the face of the crisis with COVID-19, 60% of employees to work from the office.

Software already available for Android also allows users to rate what they’ve seen before to improve future recommendations. More important for Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV owners is that users can use the Google TV app as a remote control for these devices by touching the remote control icon.

Not every major streaming service allows its content to be included in the ranks of aggregate recordings on Google TV, Netflix is ​​the biggest opponent, the report said.

The company abandoned the integration of Google TV very soon after the launch of Chromecast in 2020, and since then Google has failed to bring Netflix back. The Google TV app will also feature a library of Google rentals and purchases.

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