The extension of Hong Kong’s eastern railway line through the port equipped with Siemens The train-based train management system (CBTC) is open for operation.

The installation of a Siemens digital signaling system that collects real-time data on vehicle position and speed completes line automation.

Siemens Mobility has implemented CBTC, based on radio technology, at 16 stations on the 46-kilometer eastern railway line.

This helps accommodate more vehicles on the line at higher frequencies.

It also helps to receive system status updates, thus increasing operational efficiency, leading to fewer delays.

In addition, it modernized and expanded the railway network with 6 km and three more stations.

Siemens Mobility’s Airlink radio platform is deployed along the Eastern Railway and its Cross-Harbor extension.

To facilitate train control, Trainguard MT electronic locks and controls (TGMT) have been deployed.

The Siemens TGMT (OBCU) on-board computer modules will eventually power 37 passenger trains and 22 locomotives, with the Tsing Yi Operations Management Center monitoring the system.

The 46 km long Eastern Railway is the fourth railway line to cross the port of Victoria.

It connects mainland China with Hong Kong’s central business districts.

Andre Rodenbeck, CEO of Siemens Mobility Railway Infrastructure, called the opening a “significant milestone”.

Rodenbeck noted: “Our state-of-the-art signaling solutions will increase the reliability, availability and efficiency of the entire 46 km eastern railway line and 16 stations.

“We have successfully implemented more than 40 CBTC systems worldwide.”

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