The R&D department will continue to operate from IIT-M Research Park, a statement said.

Chennai-based startup for the production of electric vehicle subcomponents, Revoh Innovations Private Ltd, raised $ 150,000 in an initial round of Angel Investors – Vel Kanniappan and Ravi Renganathan.

The research and development, production and operations of IIT-Madras-incubated company are based in IIT-M Research Park and plan to establish an independent production unit with the help of the initial funds received in SIPCOT, Chennai.

The R&D department will continue to operate from IIT-M Research Park, the statement said.

Built a few years ago by a handful of electronics graduates, Revoh’s main goal is to locate the production of electric vehicle subcomponents and ultimately reduce our dependence on foreign manufacturers.

“Despite many obstacles, our perseverance has supported us and will keep us strong!” Indeed, the knowledge was vast. Whatever it takes, Revoh never gives up and will go through! ” said Vignes D, CEO, Revoh Innovations

Revoh Innovations can currently produce 2,000 motor controllers per month for a variety of applications such as electric vehicles, healthcare, solar, industry, agriculture and household. They currently have about 25+ reputable clients in MNCs and startups. In addition, they have links with several engine manufacturers in India. Revoh also exports BLDC controllers to customers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

“Revoh Innovations is one of the few local Indian companies to conduct mind-boggling research on motor vehicle controllers. The level of customization that Revoh provides to its customers is truly first class! On top of that, they have a very intelligent and well-accessible team! Best wishes for their future endeavors! ”Said Ravi Renganathan.

IIT-M Incubated EV Component Manufacturer Raises Funds Worth $150K

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