JetBrains IDE users can now do remote cloud development via the Gitpod platform.

Through the integration between Gitpod and JetBrains, announced on April 27, developers can access source code hosted in ephemeral development environments from the JetBrains IDE running in the cloud. Language processing takes place in the middle of Gitpod. This is done through integration between Gitpod and JetBrains Gateway, the JetBrains remote development application is already in beta. Developers have access to the JetBrains Gateway to start connecting the Gitpod and JetBrains IDE.

Gitpod provides an open source orchestration and provisioning platform for automated development environments. JetBrains Gateway is a standalone application that connects to a remote server via SSH, installs the IDE as a back-end service, and opens a project hosted on a remote machine. JetBrains Gateway then launches the JetBrains Client, a thin client that connects to the IDE back-end service. The developer’s project will be presented as if it were running locally.

JetBrains IDEs can be used, including IntelliJ IDEA for Java, PyCharm for Python, GoLand for Go, and PhpStorm for PHP.

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