(The hill) – A California judge ousted the former president on Friday of Trump a lawsuit seeking to lift his ban on Twitter.

U.S. District Judge James Donato, who was nominated by the former President Obama, said in his decision that Trump’s claims that Twitter’s ban against it violates the First Amendment is not very important, given that the amendment only applies to government violations of the law and not to redundancies of private companies.

“Trump’s only hope of making a First Amendment claim is plausible to say that Twitter actually acted as a government under the ‘doctrine of state action,'” the judge said, noting that an activity could be so heavily dominated by a government body. that those who participate in it are in addition responsible for the limitations of the Constitution.

“In the first place, the amended complaint does not plausibly show that the alleged damage caused by the applicants’ First Amendment was caused by a ‘rule of conduct imposed by the Government’,” Donato wrote. The amended amendment simply offers a package of allegations that some members of the Democratic Congress wanted Mr Trump and that “the views he supports” to be banned by Twitter, as such “content and views” are “contrary to the views preferred by those legislators’.

Donato also said Twitter did not pursue a “state decision rule” when it closed Trump’s account, in addition to several other defendants involved in the case, but he said the social media platform was responding to factors specific to each account. “

The California judge said Trump has until May 27 to file an amended appeal.

The Hill turned to a Trump spokesman for comment.

Two days after the uprising in the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Twitter has permanently suspended Trump’s accountstating that his posts posed a “risk of further incitement to violence”.

Trump’s lawyers has filed a preliminary order seeking compulsory recovery from his account.


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