OPINION: Sennheiser’s tease for its upcoming Momentum Wireless 4 ears is another entry into the premium market revealed in recent months. For those of us who hope to save some money, I’m sorry to say that just when you think you’re out, they’ll get you back.

Sennheiser keeps his cards close to his chest, revealing only a few details to whet the appetite of audio fans. And the German brand has certainly piqued our interest with its claims of a new design, high-quality sound and a huge battery life that surpasses anything else we’ve seen from a first-class pair of in-ear headphones.

After the pandemic, interest in headphones seems to have only grown. The desire to listen to high quality music definitely played a role, but sitting at home or sharing space with others means more focus on specific features: headphones for phone calls and online meetings, headphones for games, headphones for watching movies / TV with and ANC headphones when we want a little privacy.

Headphones have become a universal proposition to cater to the widest possible audience, ensuring that there is everything one could want, whether it is noise reduction, intelligence, good call quality, low latency for games and providing seamless connection to your device. With this in mind, there have been several major developments in the premium headphone sector over the past year.

Yamaha launched with its YH-L700A, Philips launched its Fidelio L3, and since then we’ve seen the Bose QuietComfort 45, Technics EAH-A800, Sony WH-1000XM5 and Edifier Stax S3 headphones, which launched in May. Qualcomm has leaked the Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2, so we can assume that they are also on the way. There is a great choice and many high-quality options, and not everyone strives to do the same thing – at least not in the same way.

In addition, with the validation of 3D audio, whether through headphones that move stereo in 3D, Dolby Atmos Music, 360 Reality Audio by Sony or Spatial Audio by Apple; the headphones strive to expand the experience they offer. The arrival of Snapdragon Sound and aptX Lossless will boost headphones in development that support the Qualcomm chipset, with the promise of higher quality and bit-free sound over a Bluetooth connection, a problem that seems to have always deterred wireless headphones from matching their cable counterparts.

This innovation leads to an exciting battle between headphone brands that seem to be trying to come together to produce the only headphones you will need over the next few years. However, as you can imagine, some of these headphones come at a higher price – the only real disadvantage of this push to higher performance – but for those who can afford them, there is an inconvenience of wealth, which to enjoy.

So who will win this battle? Is there even a winner? The race for innovation and providing a better experience leads to some of the best headphones to date. To paraphrase the slogan of the (mediocre) films “Aliens vs. Predator”, whoever wins it, we win.

Sound and Vision: The flagship headphone battle is stepping up a gear

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