Students and other laptop shoppers on a budget should turn their attention to Lenovo right now, as the computer giant has slashed the second-generation ThinkPad X13 laptop by a whopping 65%. You can take the laptop home for just $629, a total savings of $1,190 off its usual price of $1,819. This brings the price of a fairly expensive laptop down into the range of the best budget laptops and makes for one of the best laptop deals you’ll find. Free shipping is included with your purchase. An additional 5% savings is available to students and teachers, as well as businesses with a LenovoPRO account.

Why you should buy the Lenovo ThinkPad X13 laptop

Lenovo is one of the best names in computer technology as it offers many different series of laptops to suit many different computing needs. With the ThinkPad X13, Lenovo focuses on the portability and simplicity of the laptop computing experience, but manages to pack in plenty of power for most people’s computing needs. Built for this deal, the ThinkPad X13 has an AMD Risen 5 Pro processor and integrated AMD Radeon graphics, which combine with 8GB of RAM to create a solid, responsive experience, no matter what work may have you spending each day in front of your laptop. It also has a 256GB SSD drive, which should be enough to hold most people’s favorite software and apps. Our Lenovo ThinkPad buying guide is also available to help you sort through your needs if you’re not sure about them.

When it comes to experiencing the Lenovo ThinkPad X13, it’s like no other best laptops, it has a sharp, captivating 13.3-inch display with Full HD resolution. It comes with a diagonal of 13.3 inches and includes an HD camera with a microphone matrix that will make it compete with the best laptops for video conferencing. This makes it a great option for remote workers and students communicating with friends and family back home. A fingerprint reader is included for premium security, and the durable battery ensures all-day operation. Talking about the battery, it can be charged up to 80% in just one hour with fast charging technology.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X13 is almost a steal at this discounted price of $629. That price makes a savings of $1,190, as the popular laptop regularly costs $1,819. Free shipping is included with your purchase.

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