Lincoln likes to reflect on the highs of his past when thinking about the future. The all-new L100 concept model may be the most dramatic example of this thinking. Debuting at a Pebble Beach show that’s sure to have some pristine examples from the brand’s past, the transformer-like L100 sends a jolting shockwave through Lincoln’s safe design fabric, showing what a bolder, more aerodynamic breed of Lincoln looks like in the autonomous future.

Like Cadillac, Lincoln’s design team seems to be at its sharpest when diving into the deep past to explore the future. In doing so, it has come up with some stylish concepts, but unfortunately the buzz always seems to last only a brief moment before the next production Lincoln lands quietly back in the confines of predictable, chuckle-biscuit form.

The L100 Concept shatters that cookie cutter mold and raises hopes that the Lincoln of the future will be a little bolder and more luxurious than it once was. If it weren’t for the big, bold illuminated emblem front and center, we’d never know Lincoln’s new concept, and we might not even believe it when we’re informed.

The name, on the other hand, is as boring as can be. But it is symbolic. The L100 celebrates Lincoln’s 100th anniversary and thus pays homage to the 1922 Model L, the classic beauty pictured below right (MY1923).

1923 Model L Touring Car

Lincoln/Ford Motor Company

Frankly, an upright touring car from the 1920s is the last thing that comes to mind once you’re greeted by the L100’s wide, illuminated face, low stance and multiple spaceship-like hatches. But the stretched wheelbase and long greenhouse are quietly reminiscent of the regal proportions of classic cars of past centuries. Even this wild, transformative entrance connects to the classic Lincoln, giving a whole new and exaggerated look to the coach doors that Lincoln was once known for.

One final touch that ties the L100 together with classic Lincoln, a crystal hound ornament inspired by the classic Lincoln hound selected by Edsel Ford in the 1920s sits beneath the clear hood panel. Here it is available for all to see and appreciate without any temptation to touch it or pull it right off the cover.

A bird's-eye view of the L100 concept interior
A bird’s-eye view of the L100 concept interior

Lincoln/Ford Motor Company

While it’s quite impressive from the outside, the real focus of the L100 is its interior, which continues the next-generation “shelter” exploration that Lincoln began with the Star Concept earlier this year. Relying on the kind of alleged energy density we can only dream of here in 2022, Lincoln hypothetically shrinks the battery and drivetrain, leaving a huge amount of cabin space for passengers.

Instead of cluttering the spacious interior with multiple rows of passengers, Lincoln installed the rear couch as the only fixed seat. The front bench seat has a swivel backrest that gives owners a choice between a traditional two-row driver-style layout or a more relaxed layout for him. Judging by the photos, the seatback can also be removed entirely to leave the front seat bench as a footrest, giving rear passengers an autonomous limo-style ride.

The interior includes a rear sofa, a convertible front bench and a center console control center
The interior includes a rear sofa, a convertible front bench and a center console control center

Lincoln/Ford Motor Company

The L100 relies on its autonomy to further free up space, replacing steering wheel and dashboard controls with a digital command center similar to a long game board. An artistically crafted jewel-inspired physical controller atop this center console control area helps passengers easily control interior settings. A combination of digital floor, canopy and ambient lighting can create a mood-enhancing symphony harmonized with both sound and scent. The full glass roof on top visually opens up the interior even more.

Although the concept has the aforementioned next-level battery density, Lincoln designers have nevertheless tried to sculpt it for optimal aerodynamic performance and efficiency to maximize mileage. The low ground clearance, sleek front end, long, curved roofline and extended Kamm tail improve aerodynamics, as do illuminated smart wheel covers.

Lincoln gives the L100 a long, low design with large wheels cut high into the sides of the body
Lincoln gives the L100 a long, low design with large wheels cut high into the sides of the body

Lincoln/Ford Motor Company

The L100 Concept obviously won’t be the next Lincoln to hit dealerships, but we’re hoping to see the brand move in a bolder direction influenced by recent concepts…sometime before the next 100 years are up. For now, the concept will get plenty of attention during its debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where Lincoln continues to celebrate its 100th birthday.

The short clip below provides a little more context on the new concept car.

The Lincoln Model L100 Concept Car | Lincoln

source: Lincoln

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