OPINION: This week was marked by the world of technology with the Apple WWDC 2022 conference, where a wave of messages was observed and the competing heavy computer Dell unveiled a super new XPS 13 2-in-1 to take over the iPad Pro.

But in the sea of ​​news for us here in Trusted Reviews, there was one very clear winner and one very clear loser. Here’s what we chose.

MacBook Air M2

Winner: MacBook fans

Apple’s MacBooks have been on the rise since the company began charging them with its own brand of M-series processors.

As we noted in almost every review of the MacBook over the past two years, the M-Series chips are brilliant. We’ve been seeing this since we tested the first-generation M1, which originally debuted on the MacBook Air 2020 and offered brilliant performance that surpassed what Intel offered its predecessor.

Scroll forward a few years and the story repeats itself with the MacBook Pro 2021, which comes with more powerful options for the M1 Max and M1 Pro chips. Both again offer next-level performance and went through demanding processes, such as 4K video editing, when we reviewed the MacBook Pro 2021.

That’s why we were super excited to see Apple introduce a new M2 chip, which will debut on the new MacBook Air 2022. Hands in the air, we haven’t actually tested the new chip yet, but based on Apple’s claims, it looks very cool.

The overall architecture improvements to the new M2 chip mean that Apple says the MacBook Air will offer an 8% increase in CPU performance and a 35% increase in graphics performance over its predecessor. Given how good the MacBook Air 2020 is to this day, if it delivers something close to those numbers, then fans of Apple laptops will be absolutely delighted.

Apple Watch Series 3

Loser: Apple Watch 3 owners

While MacBook fans had something to worry about at WWDC 2022, Apple went the other way with its Watch OS announcements. In particular, the company struck a blow to the owners of Apple Watch 3, revealing that the wearable device will not be upgraded to watchOS 9.

For those who missed it, watchOS 9 is the latest version of Apple’s wearable operating system. Debuted at WWDC 2022, the new version aims to fix a number of issues that many users had with the previous version. These include visible sleep stages as part of Apple Watch’s sleep tracking system and heart rate zones to give users a better idea of ​​their performance during workouts.

Leaving aside how much these features will improve watchOS, which lags behind competitors like Garmin in terms of fitness and health tracking, for us at Trusted the big annoyance is that Apple is still selling the Watch 3 in its official store. People who have owned the Watch 3 since it first came out in 2018 will probably not mind. But this is a real blow to the teeth for anyone who has bought one in the last 12 months, effectively sounding the death knell for the wearable device.

Winners and losers: MacBooks level up with M2 while the Apple Watch 3 gets sunsetted

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