I am currently working as a Strategic Project Manager in Retail/Manufacturing for a reputed company in Sri Lanka. I have completed Btech in Industrial Engineering, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified.

The challenges before joining the course were to reduce the cost of raw material residues by 50% – from $15 million to $7 million. Challenges always excite me as they bring out my best potential. And the reasons for choosing Great Learning were –

  1. Industry leaders
  2. Highly qualified and renowned teachers
  3. Case-based mentoring
  4. projects
  5. Hackathons
  6. Networking

Online media has been more flexible for me as I am a professional and can access it at my convenience. The mentoring sessions in PGP AIML course are very good as they are taught by very experienced mentors working in the industry. The quality of the mentoring sessions in the 1st half to the referral systems was not that appealing. The deep learning coaching sessions were very good – credit to Mr. Arun. It helped to clarify doubts and how well we can apply them in our profession where mentoring support is excellent

Through these newly learned skill sets, I can reduce supply chain costs by using machine learning, EDA, BI tools and Python that can work with newly learned skill sets.

Advice to newbies would be that – Analytics is an upcoming stream that requires every organization to make strategic decisions. Excellent training is the best platform to learn and contribute to solving bigger problems, creating a positive impact on the organization.

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