Just days after shipping began, the Apple MacBook Air M2 has already been taken apart, thanks to a YouTube channel Max Tech. We cannot speak of a very complete destruction; but we have a much closer look at the motherboard, which reveals some interesting details.

Meanwhile, we note that the design of the new model is significantly better compared to the M1. Especially with the M2 SoC, the cooling solution is more refined and precise; with thermally conductive paste directly above the chip and a large surface for better heat dissipation in the body. However, we should note that most early reviews agree that the M2 chip is significantly warmer than the M1, and as a result the laptop struggles more often than the Air M1.

MacBook Air M2

Digging a little deeper, we have the definitive confirmation that the 256GB base model only has one SSD chip on board and therefore half the performance of the Air M1, which had two 128GB. The empty “slot” (actually we’re talking about chips soldered directly onto the board) is there; but it is occupied only by the model with a memory size of 512 GB (essentially basic size: 1 × 256 GB, more generous size: 2 × 256 GB = 512 GB).

It also has an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) chip, possibly a first in a Mac. The UWB chip enables the use of features such as Find My to locate lost devices; but there is also great potential with AirDrop sharing technology. Apple has never mentioned the presence of this technology on board its new Air.

Apple earlier this month announced that pre-orders for the MacBook Air with the M2 SoC announced last month will begin on Friday, July 8; also confirming that it will be available for purchase from July 15th. Bringing the new laptops to multiple markets.

MacBook Air M2 disassembly: the motherboard reveals several surprises

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