Schurter Introduces its new IEC 4750 Series Tape Unit, IEC Type F connectors to meet the highly specific requirements for power distribution in data centers. The tapes provide a variety of features, including the number of contacts in the tape, lighting options, and terminal configurations for an unprecedented range of standard options. Choose from 2 to 7 outputs, IDC buses or conventional terminal connections, status indicator light tubes and 3 different colors to suit universal needs as well as PDU customization needs.

The 4750 Series splitters neatly and compactly integrate functionality to save space in tightly packed PDUs. In complex power distribution systems, especially with extensive power monitoring capabilities, status visualization is important. The 4750 provides light tubes to indicate status in all output positions with 1, 2, L and N as standard, in addition to traditional bands without light tubes. Lighting options include red, green and white. Integrated light tubes eliminate the space required for separately mounted LEDs, thus freeing up space for additional outputs in the PDU. The strips are designed for snap-on mounting for easy installation, with different panel thicknesses depending on the length of the light tube. The terminals are available with L, N and / or PE busbars. Traditional soldering, fast connection, 4.8 mm and PCB terminals are also options, such as bus N and PE and fast connection wire L.

The 4750 series has international safety approvals according to IEC / CCC with a rating of 10A / 250 VAC 50 Hz and UL with a rating of 15A / 250 VAC 60 Hz. The series is compatible with all common cable kits, including types of retaining cables such as Twylock side locking and V-Lock top lock. The exits are available in black, gray and white.

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New 4750 series multi-feature IEC connector strip-blocks are for data power distribution

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