WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging platform, is all set to roll out a major update to its Channels feature. This update aims to improve the user experience by introducing channel categorization and a potentially revamped interface.

Channels, launched in September 2023, allow organizations and individuals to broadcast updates to a large audience. However, with the growing number of channels, navigating and discovering relevant content can become cumbersome. The upcoming categorization feature addresses this challenge by organizing channels into specific groups based on their content theme. This will eliminate the need for users to endlessly scroll through their channel list. Saving them valuable time and effort.

WhatsApp revamps channels with categorization and potential monetization

Details of the new feature have emerged from an analysis of the v2.24.10.17 beta version of the WhatsApp Android app. According to WABetaInfo, a trusted source for WhatsApp updates, the platform will introduce predefined categories such as Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, News & Information, Organizations, People and Sports. Channels will be automatically assigned to the most appropriate category upon deployment, eliminating any management burden for channel creators.

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The initial beta version shows seven categories, offering clear segmentation for a diverse range of channels. Users can seamlessly switch between topics – from sports updates to business news – with a single tap. Also, the leaked screenshots suggest that channels in each category can be ranked based on their follower count. Potentially prioritize the most popular channels for better discoverability.

While the new categorization feature isn’t currently available to the general public, it will be rolling out to Android beta testers first. This phased rollout allows WhatsApp to gather user feedback and fine-tune functionality before a wider rollout.

The introduction of categories is a significant step towards improving the organization and usability of WhatsApp channels. However, rumors suggest that this update may be accompanied by additional features with a focus on monetization. Speculations revolve around the possibility of allowing channel administrators to take advantage of WhatsApp’s expanding payment services or pay to promote their channels in the directory for greater visibility.

While these monetization strategies remain unconfirmed, it’s clear that WhatsApp is actively developing its channels feature. The focus on improving the user experience through categorization means a commitment to make channels a valuable tool for both content creators and users. With more features likely on the horizon, WhatsApp Channels will evolve into a robust platform for communicating and sharing information within the secure and familiar WhatsApp environment.

WhatsApp new update will introduce categories for channels