Next plc reported that its full-price sales rose 22% year-on-year for the 13 weeks to April 30 (Q1) and 21% from pre-Covid levels, which is in line with expectations.

However, total online sales in the UK fell by 11% compared to the same period last year, although this is an increase of 47% on a three-year basis.

Overall, online sales for Next UK fell 24% year-on-year, but increased 23% from pre-Covid levels. Meanwhile, online sales for Label UK welcomed growth of 20% and 106% respectively.

In addition, online sales abroad also grew by 47% on a three-year basis, but this fell by 12% compared to last year.

Next welcomes 285% retail growth, which the company says is “so strong” because most of its stores were closed for most of the first quarter of last year.

Conversely, online sales have reportedly been boosted by last year’s retail closure, prompting Next to say it plans to cut online sales in the first quarter from last year.

Next maintains its pre-tax profit guidelines for the full year to reach £ 850 million, which would be 3.3% more on an annual basis.

Next Q1 sales surge 22% despite online hit

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