The self-determined “front page of the Internet” hit Reddit again. Earlier this week, a user posted an image he found on Facebook that read: “How big are these Facebook Marketplace lamps ?!” This optical illusion has spread like a virus, stunning countless people along the way.

Images like this can put your brain to the test. Remember: Just like your body, your brain needs exercise. Puzzles and brain teasers like these four challenging optical illusions are good for your health in the long run.

You may be wondering how an image can strike people. Just scroll down to see for yourself. You will understand why people scratch their heads.

Lawn ornaments or lamps?

Take a look at the image below and try to understand what it is. It is alleged that this image first appeared on the Facebook Marketplace before a user named queen of codes publish it on Reddit.

People in the online comment sections say this makes them feel like “idiots” because they can’t tell if it’s two normal-sized lamps or two giant lamps blown up to be used as lawn ornaments.

What do you see?

You are not alone if you thought they were two large lawn ornaments shaped like lamps. Many people could not understand that these lamps on the Facebook Marketplace are not a trick to the eye. They are actually lamps hanging on a wire at the top of the photo.

There are two reasons for this image to repel people. First, everything in the picture is in focus, which means that it is difficult for your eyes to understand what is closer.

Typically, cameras focus on objects that are closest to the camera, while background elements are blurred. But because everything in this image is as clear as freshly folded sheets, your brain doesn’t know how to interpret it.

There is also the depth of field that must be taken into account. The man who took this picture shot the lamps in the backyard at an unusual angle. This makes the lamps look huge.

The photographer could correct this viral confusion by touching the screen of their phone so that the camera could focus the lamps, which are the focal point. Tap or click here for five ways to take better photos and videos with your phone.

Fortunately for all lovers of optical illusions, the man who took this picture did not know these photographic hacks.

Just one of many puzzles

We’ve taken care of you if you’re looking for more fun ways to put your mind to the test. Here are some more fun puzzles you can use to give your mind the exercise it needs.

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This illusion on Facebook isn’t what it seems

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