The London AWS 2022 summit took place at the ExCel center last Wednesday, with a number of partners setting up booths to talk to customers.

Among them was Premier AWS partner Kyndryl, who said one of his highlights was the opportunity to engage with a wide range of technology companies in the areas of cybersecurity, Edge, AI, data and the cloud.

Joseph Toma, leader of alliances and partnerships at Kyndryl UKI, said: “As a Premier AWS partner and gold sponsor of the event, it was fantastic to be able to engage with clients to hear about their experience of adopting and building the AWS platform, and also to meet with AWS’s wider partner ecosystem to discuss new ways to bring value to our mutual customers. “

Thomas added that there has been an “unprecedented surge in the cloud” following the rise of the digital transformation due to the pandemic.

But he said it had left many companies “without the knowledge and ability to effectively manage their expanded cloud capacity.”

“This is where AWS comes to the fore,” he said.

“Given the ever-widening digital skills gap currently facing the industry, AWS is sensibly committed to upgrading the skills of those in the technology sector by providing education and technical know-how that will allow businesses to optimize their cloud strategies. Initiatives such as the new strategic partnership between AWS and Kyndryl are absolutely important to achieve this.

“Our organizations will invest in the education of more than 10,000 professionals at Kyndryl by the end of 2022, training employees in a wide range of AWS skills to support their customers’ rapid adoption of cloud services and solutions across the board. world. “

Thomas added that Kyndryl has “invested heavily” in the development of AWS’s competencies and has built an experienced team of AWS-certified service professionals through Kyndryl Academy for AWS.

“In fact, as part of a global partnership, Kyndryl will establish the AWS Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) to offer state-of-the-art customer solutions and services to support critical infrastructure, next-generation technologies and upgrade applications and workflows across industries, ”he said.

Another partner of the event was AND Digital, who said the meeting was “educational”.

James Sharp, head of strategic alliances, highlighted discussions about bridging the skills gap.

He said: “We have a mission to improve the skills of 200,000 people and we have similar programs and cultures to attract young people, especially women in engineering.”

He also said that AWS plays a “biggest role” in the cloud operations that AND Digital does.

Sharpe added: “As a partner, they recognize that our skills are as important as our skills in the open community and help us develop our teams.

“Develop programs such as maps, a migration program that helps smooth the curve of emerging double costs over a period of time before migrating to the cloud or further optimizing in the cloud.

“These are all good initiatives that help us as a partner to commit to the things that matter to our customers, which is great.”

He added: “AWS are great partners, that’s the only way you can describe it. There are so many opportunities on the market and there is recognition from AWS.

“It’s not why we have to be in the cloud, but how to get there now, which is really exciting. Initiatives, technology and relationships unlock this value. ”

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