MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – Members and supporters of the LGBTQ + community met at the Government Street cannon tonight to repaint the cannon after someone damaged artwork representing a Place of Pride.

A man now faces charges of covering the artwork with black paint overnight. Volunteers organized the Show Your Colors Rally on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after the cannon was vandalized.

This cannon is a popular landmark here at Mobile and is decorated for several events throughout the year.

For the month of June, it was painted in rainbow colors. Chance Shaw, executive director of Mobile’s Rainbow Pride, said the cannon has brought joy to much of the community since it was painted for Pride Month.

“Ever since we painted the cannon, it’s been a beacon in our community,” Shaw said. “So many people have seen it and published about it. I felt uplifted or seen by him. “

Early Wednesday morning, a homeless mobile man was caught painting with black paint on the cannon, destroying his performance in the LGBTQ + community.

Philip Dean, 37, has been charged with criminal misconduct. Activist C. Pichoff-Delorca said it was a surprise to the LGBTQ + community.

“We were absolutely surprised because we all know this man,” said Pichof-Delorca. “He is a member of the homeless community, but he is very well known and very popular and has used services throughout the city of Mobile. So we found this to be extremely uncharacteristic of him. So at that time, we really asked the MPD and the people in the community to come out and continue the investigation, because we believe that there are hidden motives behind this.

C. Pichoff-Delorca said the cannon had to be painted for Pride Month by June 20th. Although this date is only a few days, the LGBTQ + community has decided not to allow this act to silence them.

“We are a minority and have been at the center of attacks for hundreds of years,” said K. Pichoff-Delorca. “So for us it will be the same as everything else. We make it an event and we make it an opportunity, our resilience. “

Volunteers repainted the cannon in rainbow colors.

“Just because someone painted the cannon doesn’t mean we’re going to stop,” Shaw said. “It simply came to our notice then. At this point, this shows a clear need that we must continue to do the work we are doing. “

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