There is a scar on Andy Dunn’s left ring finger, framing his thick silver wedding ribbon. This is the smallest spot, barely noticeable to anyone but Dunn himself. But for him, it is a reminder of a terrifying secret and the darkest moment of his life.

Dunn has other traits – invisible, internal, existing in various forms. Signs of insomnia and fatigue, extraversion and solitude, friendship and betrayal, shame and heart. Burns from flying too close to the sun. These scars are deeper.

Dunn was once a golden boy, a child on a startup poster directly to consumers in the late 2000s. He was lion in Press, mingling with the most powerful in Silicon Valley and attracting its smartest and richest as investors and friends. Like many in his position, Dunn kept his scars well hidden until now. Through their new memoirs and emotional conversations with The Information, Dunn and his closest friends and family have agreed to speak publicly about a reality they have long struggled with in private.

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