MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – The Alabama Historical Commission and Resolve Marine have begun their ten-day study and field study of Clotilda.

The researchers held a community meeting on the project on Monday night.

Researchers return to Port City to assess the remains of the last slave ship
to bring enslaved Africans to the United States more than 160 years ago; Clotilda.

The Alabama Historical Commission is partnering with Resolve Marine, which will spend the next ten days
assessment of the wrecked ship.

Clotilda has been submerged in the Mobil River since the 1800s.

According to marine archaeologist James Delagado, divers and state-of-the-art equipment will be used to inspect the ship, as researchers aim to protect anything that can be saved.

“It’s always humiliating to work on a project like this that is so important to so many people, but especially to your community, given both the descendants and those who live in a community that is so connected. with that shit and his stories, “Delagado said. “Stories I hope the archaeologist will add related to actual physical records.”

According to Resolve Marine project manager Aaron Joseph, the researchers told the community that this assessment may reveal that it’s not best to try to remove Clotilde.

Jozef says the condition of the ship is still unknown.

“We don’t know the situation because it’s largely condensed in mud,” he said. “And as an employee to some extent, when it comes to rescue and removal, the root of the resource loses little of its value if the prospect is to bring it to 100 pieces or even 150 pieces.”

Researchers say they will return to the community with an update after completing the 10-day assessment.

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