Sites like eBay and Craigslist list a formula for exorbitant prices. A recent search by the MIT Technology Review found that many retailers wanted more than $ 300 for 12 eBay baby food containers, costing about $ 25 each. These containers usually sell for $ 7 to $ 10.

Moore says parents on welfare are particularly stressed. They receive their checks at the beginning of the month and have to fight to beat other desperate parents – if they can – to get the specific brand formula allowed by the welfare rules produced by Abbott, Gerber and Mead Johnson.

Despite the agreement with the FDA, the crisis may worsen over the next few months as supply chain problems continue and the FDA continues to monitor production to keep the formula safe. This could create a new health crisis among babies forced to give up formula too early, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies and hospitalization.

According to Lindsay Grof, executive director of the North American Human Milk Banking Association, a crucial way to tackle shortages may be to get women to donate surplus breast milk. She says the shortage of formula has led to a 20% jump in demand at US dairy banks, but there is not enough milk to spin. She hopes parents can spread the word online, urging their followers to donate milk if they can.

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