June 17, 2022 – Parag J. Patel, MD, MS, FSIRinterventional radiologist and professor of radiology c Wisconsin Medical CollegeMilwaukee took over as president of Interventional Radiology Society (SIR) on June 14, during the annual business meeting of the members of the company. The meeting took place during the annual scientific meeting SIR 2022 in Boston.

“As SIR approaches its 50th anniversary, we are transforming the way we do business to meet the needs of our diverse membership, energizing ideas to help our members thrive on their chosen models in practice.” said Patel. “During the pandemic, SIR became more flexible and responsive. We will build on this momentum to provide training, resources and tools that enable competing IR teams and enable the best possible patient care.

Other new staff on the SIR Executive Board for 2022-2023 include the newly elected President Alda L. There, Dr., FSIR, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston; newly appointed secretary Robert J. Lewandowski, Ph.D., FSIR, Northwestern Medicine, Chicago; and the immediate past president Matthew C. Johnson, MD, FSIRIndiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis.

New and re-elected members of the SIR Executive Board are:

Following the members’ annual business meeting for 2022, Teresa M. Karidi, MD, FSIRAssociate Professor and Director of Interventional Radiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, took over as Chair of the SIR Foundation Board of Directors and Catherine L. Kroll, MD, FSIR, former Chair.

“For more than 30 years, the SIR Foundation has kept its promise and the practice of IR has been supported by evidence and results from patients,” said Caridi. “With the launch of new grant programs and a new clinical trial network, the SIR Foundation continues to develop IR through research that improves knowledge, priorities and partnerships for IR by expanding access to IR for patients.

The CIR Foundation has also appointed the following members to its board of directors:

For more information: www.sirweb.org

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