Moku-Pro, a multi-instrument platform from Liquid Instruments, can now lock the laser frequency to a reference cavity or atomic transition. Using an FPGA combined with an analog front end, Moku: Pro is able to host multiple tools on a single hardware platform. The addition of the Laser Lock Box brings the total number of tools available in Moku: Pro to 11.

With four outputs, the Laser Lock Box allows users to control a modulation signal and two actuators from a single device. It offers a frequency range of the local oscillator from 1 mHz to 600 MHz (1-µHz resolution) and output voltage up to 10 Vp for driving devices without external amplifier.

The laser lock box provides a touch lock function for quick locking to each zero crossing with a demodulated error signal. It also includes two PID controllers that can be configured individually for fast and slow feedback. The fast PID controller supports dual PI2D control integrator. Additional gain profiles at lower frequencies allow effective stabilization, even in the presence of disturbances such as temperature variations.

Customers who have already purchased the full set of tools for Moku: Pro have access to the Laser Lock Box and additional major improvements by updating their software to version 2.3.0.

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