Wordle took the world by storm a few months ago. Everyone seemed to be playing and couldn’t enjoy the feel of online gaming. Tap or click here for some Wordle Pro tips.

But as with everything, people quickly lose interest. That’s why it’s time to find a new game. do not worry. We found one that has been around for years, but is under the radar.

If you like fun, fast-paced games, you’ll love this weird browser-based game. We know we do.

What is the game of squares?

The premise is a complete mystery when you first visit A game of squares site. However, soon after you click on each prompt, you will get acquainted with what we consider addictive. It is also free to play.

The game is exactly what the label says: A game of squares. This is a direct game involving one or more colored squares, all decorated with an arrow indicating the direction in which they move when clicked.

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Each square comes in a pair with a matching point. The purpose of the game? To use the single direction of movement of each square to place all at their respective points. No two squares can occupy the same place on the board as another, and you will find that you have to think sideways to solve some of these challenging puzzles.

Without spoiling too much for you, one example is a level where you have to use one block to push another in the right place. Sometimes you will find that you have dragged the gang in the corner. If you get stuck, all you have to do is reset the level or press undo until you return to the starting position.

Is a game of squares our latest craze? Honestly, we haven’t felt this way about a free online game since Tetris was moved online so everyone can play.

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Tired of Wordle? Try this years-old puzzle game

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