The ouTask compact flashlight is designed for after-dark adventurers who need more versatility than a regular LED torch, flashlight or lantern can offer – and features a telescoping light pole, built-in tripod, magnetic base and multi-directional light head.

Fundraising is currently underway Kickstarterthe 1.45 lb (0.66 kg) flashlight is 10.23 inches (26 cm) long and 2.3 inches (5.8 cm) in diameter and is designed to cram as many useful features as possible into one portable gadget .

At the business end, there is a multi-directional lighting element that can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically and is attached to an integrated telescopic pole that can be extended up to 43.3 inches (110 cm) above the ground, the roof of the car or other surface, or simply raised a few inches to illuminate the camping table during meals.

There’s also an integrated pop-up base for a quick-push tripod, and the base also has neodymium magnets for easy attachment to a car door while pitching the tent, under the hood to check the engine, or to any other metal surface.

The base uses powerful neodymium magnets to attach to any iron surface


And the tripod legs have mounting holes for anchoring the lantern in the dirt, and include a reflective polymer strip that “can glow after absorbing light” to prevent people from tripping over tasks when the lights are off. An included retractable strap also allows the lantern to be hung from a nearby tree or the roof of a tent.

The lighting element features an aluminum heatsink to prevent overheating, can be set to different color temperatures and has adjustable brightness up to a maximum of 550 lumens. Since the lighting head can rotate around its axis, the ouTask can also function as a flashlight, and the designers have included an SOS flash mode to make vehicle damage visible from a distance.

Built with durability in mind, the ouTask boasts a tough ABS/PC outer shell that is IPX6 waterproof, while the light head and pole are IPX7 rated.

The housing of the ouTask flashlight is IPX6 waterproof, while the telescopic light head is IPX7 rated
The housing of the ouTask flashlight is IPX6 waterproof, while the telescopic light head is IPX7 rated


The flashlight is powered by a 12,000mAh battery that’s said to be good for at least 10 hours of use at the highest light intensity setting (or up to 45 hours at the lowest), and can even charge gadgets via USB if necessary. This battery can be charged through a wall socket and is also reported to be compatible with portable solar panels.

The ouTask team is currently raising funds for production Kickstarter, where pledges to the already funded campaign start at $99 – which includes three grounding pegs and a USB-C charging cable. If all goes according to plan, shipping is expected to begin in October.

source: ouTask

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