We have been in the process of defamation between actors and former partners Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for several weeks now. Both Depp and Hurd took up position. Hurd’s team is currently presenting her side of the story.

Depp, widely known for his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, is suing Hurd, his ex-wife, for defamation of an opinion she wrote for The Washington Post and is seeking $ 50 million. Hurd is also suing for $ 100 million.

Here’s what else you need to know about the process.

Why is Johnny Depp suing Amber Heard?

Hurd, 36, is a model and actress who has starred in Aquaman since 2018. She was married to 58-year-old Depp from 2015 to 2016. The couple divorced in August 2016.

In December 2018, Hurd wrote an article for The Washington Post entitled: “I spoke out against sexual violence – and faced the wrath of our culture. That needs to change. ” She said in the article that she had become “a public figure representing domestic violence”, but did not mention Depp’s name.

Dep claims Hurd slandered him in the article. In his introductory remarks, Depp’s lawyer, Benjamin Chu, said Hurd’s article clearly referred to Depp and that Hurd’s false allegations had had a significant impact on Mr. Depp’s family and his ability to work in the profession he loved. .

Hurd’s lawyer, Benjamin Rothenborn, said the First Amendment protects what she wrote. “This article is not about Johnny Depp,” Rothenborn said. “The article is about social change, which she advocates and which the First Amendment defends.”

Rothenborn also said the evidence in the trial would show that Hurd had indeed suffered domestic violence from Depp, both physically, emotionally, verbally and psychologically.

Depp faces Hurd’s proof deliberately made false allegations. Hurd has filed a lawsuit against Depp, which will be ruled as part of the trial. She claims that Depp slandered her when his former lawyer referred to her allegations of ill-treatment. as a scam.

Depp testified.

Evelyn Hockstein / Getty Images

Depp lost a defamation lawsuit involving Hurd in 2020. He is suing the British tabloid The Sun over a headline calling him a “woman beater.” Depp filed his current defamation lawsuit in 2019the year after she wrote the op-ed.

What has happened in the process so far?

Hurd just finished this week. When asked the first time Depp was allegedly hit, she described a case where she asked Depp what one of his tattoos said, and he replied “drink.” “I just laughed because I thought he was joking, and he hit me in the face,” she said. On Thursday, Hurd testified that Depp sexually abused her shortly after they married.

During her testimony earlier in the trial, Depp said Depp never hit Hurd, but she violence during their relationship. Depp claims she threw a bottle of vodka in his hand during an argument, cutting off part of his middle finger.

What happens next?

There are some reports that Johnny Depp may take the position again. Hurd’s time to testify is probably over, and her team will most want to continue calling more witnesses.

When is the decision expected?

Both teams are expected to deliver closing remarks on May 27th. The jury will then discuss its decision.

Will Elon Musk take the position?

According to sourcesElon Musk is no longer expected to take the position.


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